The Sun

In Job chapter 38 Yahovah humbles the pride of Job and asks him a series of Cosmological questions he knows Job doesn’t know and cannot know. One question he asks Job is,

Job 38:19 “Where is the way to the dwelling of light?
And darkness, where is its place,
20 That you may take it to its territory
And that you may discern the paths to its home?

The famous Bible Commentary by Jamieson, Fausset & Brown states,

“The marvels in heaven. “What is the way (to the place wherein) light dwelleth?” The origin of light and darkness. In Ge 1:3-5, 14-18, “light” is created distinct from, and previous to, light-emitting bodies, the luminaries of heaven.”

Thus, we read in Gen. 1:

3 Then Elohim said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 Elohim saw that the light was good; and Elohim separated the light from the darkness. 5 Elohim called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.

Thus, we see that the light was not eternal but created and brought forth by the commandment of Yahovah before the creation of the Sun and Moon.

  1. Eric P. Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who claims to have worked for RCA and to have been setup in a research position at Sonoma State University in the 1980s to study the claims of The Jupiter Effect (1974). I have not been able to document this, but he has claimed these things for many years and no one has sued him as far as I am aware.


Dollard gave a synopsis of what he learned during his research in an interview posted on the YouTube The Truth Channel, 3 Secrets About Our Sun by Eric Dollard (5 of 12).

He claims there is no inside structure to the Sun. He believes in the Hollow Sun Theory. Dollard points to the black Sunspots and maintains these are holes that allowed him to see inside the Sun and he claims it is hollow.


Dollard completely rejects the Fusion theory and maintains that the Sun produces no energy but is a transformer/converter that converts energy from another dimension or counter space. Dollard maintains that Fusion is only an outward effect of the conversion in the Solar Flares. Dollard maintains that the Fusion theory is pushed to ground the Capitalist Economic principle of Scarcity. He summarizes the modern establishment theory as “if you can’t put a meter on it’s not real.” The Fusion Theory is no doubt sourced in alchemy theorizing that the Sun converts its mass into energy through collisions between the cores of atoms, their nuclei.

Dollard’s theory that the Sun is a converter of a more primordial source of light is consistent with Scripture as we read earlier in Gen. 1 that the Light was made before the Sun and the Moon.

Dollard also maintains that the Sun is degenerating in its 24th cycle.[1] This is confirmed by Dr. David Hathaway in his article, Solar Cycle Prediction (Updated 2016/10/06).[2] Dollard and others, have warned this could have disastrous effects on the ionosphere and thus mass radio communications.[3] These observations have led many to believe the Universe is coming to a catastrophic end. Just in the past few years a man named Steven Christopher seems to be convinced that the end is near and that the Sun is going to stop. Not only so he bluffed an assassination attempt on President Obama in order to get National attention. YouTuber raspberryberrett05 chronicled his arrest and public testimony in his video Stevie’s Arrest – 1/16/09.[4]

Christopher took this even further and has gained a following on YouTube claiming he is the return of Jesus Christ going by the name Lord Steven Christ.[5]

The Shrinking Sun

157. There are many YouTube videos showing how the appearance of the Sun, its angular size, shrinks from noon to Sunset which is what happens on the Flat Earth model. Heliocentrists claim these videos are invalid because they do not use a Solar Filter. Zeteticism DotCom debunked this claim taking the Heliocentrist dazzthecameraman’s video Flat Earth Debunked – The Sun is NOT Shrinking As It Sets and showed from his own video that the Sun did shrink even with the Solar Filter![6]

Dazzthecameraman was so embarrassed by this he made his video private!







[6] Zeteticism DotCom, Refutation of “DazzTheCameraMan” solar filter analysis, which reveals sun shrinkage – FLAT EARTH:

The Firmament


  1. The Sun Dog proves the existence of the Firmament. The Heliocentric explanation of Sun Dogs is a baseless theory with no experimental verification. The Flat Earth explanation of Sun Dogs has experimental verification as demonstrated by Jeff of Zeteticism DotCom:


  1. The echo of thunder proves the existence of the Firmament.
  1. Meteors are often found with Fusion Crust on them. Fusion Crust is basically a glass coating.[1]



  1. As I have already demonstrated, the Heliocentric explanation of the Sky’s Blue Color is wrong as their theory would require the sky to be Violet. The sky must be blue due to the Bible’s teaching of the firmament and the waters above it. The same can be said for the colorization of clouds.


  1. Operation Fishbowl proves the existence of the Firmament. This High Altitude Nuclear test shows the missiles exploding onto what looks like a dome.



  1. The European Southern Observatory states in its article, 4 Laser Guide Star Facility

Four new stars to defeat atmospheric turbulence that a sodium based substance exists above the earth 90-110 kilometers in altitude,

“The 4LGSF complements the Laser Guide Star Facility (LGSF). Instead of one laser, the 4LGSF sends four laser beams into the skies to produce four artificial stars by exciting sodium atoms located in the atmosphere at an altitude of 90 kilometres…Lasers can excite sodium atoms in the mesosphere, which is located 90–110 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. The fluorescent light that is emitted by the sodium atoms and collected by the telescope has been affected by the atmosphere in the same way as the light emitted by real stars.”[2]

This is fascinating seeing sodium is used to make a prevalent form of glass called Soda-lime glass.

  1. The Libyan Desert Glass, Tektite Glass, and the Megacryometeor are circumstantial evidence.

[1] Randy L. Korotev, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Washington University in St. Louis, Meteorite Or Meteorwrong? fusion crust


See also European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) video ESOcast 34: How To Stop a Star’s Twinkle:



Philosophical and Scientific Arguments For Flat Earth


Deut 13: 1“If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign or a wonder, 2 and the sign or the wonder comes true, concerning which he spoke to you, saying, ‘Let us go after other gods (whom you have not known) and let us serve them,’ 3 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams; for Yahovah your Elohim is testing you to find out if you love Yahovah your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being.

Contrary to the book of James, Ebionite and Pelagian, accursed heretic and enemy of our beloved Apostle Paul, who says in the 13th verse of the 1st Chapter of his book that Yahovah does not test us, Moses makes very clear that Yahovah does indeed test us. Moses makes this very clear that through the words and actions of wicked men, Yahovah proves his people to see who really loves him and is devoted to his word. In the past few centuries our people have failed the test put before us. Our nation is in disarray. Our women rule over us. Foreigners invade our lands and inherit our fathers’ accomplishments.  There is nothing left for a decent man to live for anymore. And we deserve it. We have believed in the authority of wicked men more than Yahovah’s holy words and we are paying the price for it. Yet there is great hope as many are now receiving the Truth and returning to Scripture through the revelations of the past few years, that the Globe Cosmology is a baseless theory, a house of straw built on the foundation of CGI and Photoshop.

As I have already spoken to at great length in the section on Method and Demonstration, the Noahic Flat Earth Model is a model known to us not by Science or Observation but by Revelation. Science and observation does confirm how the Bible describes our world but it can never give us all the information we need for a complete Cosmology. We are enclosed inside of the firmament and cannot reach out far enough from the Earth to truly see a Panoramic view of our world.  This is why Solomon states with great skepticism,

 Ecc. 8: 17 Then I beheld all the work of God, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun: because though a man labour to seek it out, yet he shall not find it; yea farther; though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it.

 As I have already stated, the Cosmology given by William Warren’s The Earliest Cosmologies is what I believe to be the best representation of Scripture and is the image at the introduction to this chapter.

  1. The fact that so many different Flat Earth models exist and that Atheist and Pagan Flat Earthers many times use the Biblical Flat Earth model proves the necessity for Biblical Revelation.

So what evidence do we have that we are living on a fixed plane of existence and not a sphere?

  1. First, as has already been demonstrated the “Little Piggy Cam High Altitude Balloon Flight” showing the Earth to be motionless and perfectly flat at over 121, 000 feet of altitude is a prima facie confirmation of a fixed plane Earth.


  1. Second, the Chicago Skyline image shows the city of Chicago fully exposed from almost 60 miles away. According to ABC57,

“A picture of the Chicago skyline taken almost 60 miles away, is actually a mirage. Joshua Nowicki (@StartVisiting) snapped the pic Tuesday night from Grand Mere State Park in Stevensville.”


According to the Heliocentrist curvature equation of 8 inches per miles squared, 60 squared is 3, 600 multiplied by 8 inches is 28, 800 inches. Converted to feet, we have 2,400 feet of curvature. The tallest building in Chicago, the Willis Tower is 1,451 feet.  Now according to the Sphere model the Willis Tower should be behind the curvature by almost 1,000 feet, yet there it is fully before our face! The excuse the Globers give us is a special pleading fallacy. Concave adherents could just as easily excuse this as bending light.

  1. The light pattern the Sun emits on the surface of the water as it sets denotes a flat surface not a convex surface. The light pattern the setting Sun emits on the surface of water looks like this.[1]





Zeteticism DotCom points out that this is the way light looks on a flat surface not a convex surface.

  1. Samuel Rowbotham’s Salt Flats experiment has been reproduced using modern Camera technology. YouTuber, Taboo Conspiracy, published his experiment entitled, ROWBOTHAM 3 – Confirmed – Bonneville Salt Flats Test – Earth is Flat where he captured on camera a black SUV vehicle 6.6 miles away among the Flats. The Heliocentric model calculates 29 feet of curvature over this distance and yet we see the SUV maintained a consistent eye level straight ahead.suv
  1. Scientists at Texas State University and Arizona State University measured the Geography of Kansas and concluded that “Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake”.[2]
  2. If the Earth was a sphere as an observer ascends in altitude the horizon would continually fall away no matter how big the sphere was. Rob Skiba made an excellent animation of this on his YouTube page entitled A Simple Horizon Test Take 2.eyelevel

What we observe from camera footage is the flat plane model on the right. YouTube now contains an almost limitless supply of high altitude balloon footage. YouTuber Dan Dimension has recently published a video entitled Flat Earth …Huh? You think you live on a spinning what?. This video shows exactly what Skiba has animated that we do indeed live on a flat plane.

  1. We have astronomical evidence that the “Southern Hemisphere” is wider and larger than the “Northern Hemisphere” with the Solar Analemma.analemmaThe Solar Analemma is a pattern depicting the perceived altitude of the Sun at its highest point every month. The pattern above shows the pattern as it is observed from the North. The upper loop begins in June and July and the bottom marks represent December and January. The reason why the bottom loop is longer than the top loop is because on the Flat Earth model the circuit of the Sun is tighter in the Summer and Wider in the Winter. Thus we read in the famous Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World, 1892:gleason
  1. We have recorded proof that the “Southern Hemisphere” is larger and wider than the “Northern Hemisphere”. Rowbotham states,

“Surprise at the frequency and the sadness of such losses will naturally subside when it is seen that the degrees of longitude beyond the equatorial region gradually increase with the southern latitude [On the Flat Earth Model. – DS]. A false hypothesis, a merely supposed sphericity of the earth and of gradually diminishing lines of longitude on each side of the equator is the true cause of the greater number of these sad catastrophes which have so often startled and appalled the public mind. To this fallacious doctrine of rotundity may be traced not only the source of these terrible losses and sufferings, but also of the fact that mariners are unable to see the true cause of the disasters, and are therefore unable to benefit by experience, and to guard against them in future voyages. They have been led to attribute all the fearful dangers of southern waters to imaginary causes, the chief of which is the prevalence of direct and counter currents. One of the most common peculiarities in these regions is the almost constant confusion in the “reckoning;” as will be seen by the following quotations:–

“We found ourselves every day from 12 to 16 miles by observation in advance of our reckoning.” 3


“By our observations at noon we found ourselves 58 miles to the eastward of our reckoning in two days. ” 1

“February 11th, 1822, at noon, in latitude 65.53. S. our chronometers gave 44 miles more westing than the log in three days. On 22nd of April (1822), in latitude 54.16. S. our longitude by chronometers was 46.49, and by D.R. (dead reckoning) 47° 11´: On 2nd May (1822), at noon, in latitude 53.46. S., our longitude by chronometers was 59° 27´, and by D.R. 61° 6´. October 14th, in latitude 58.6, longitude by chronometers 62° 46´, by account 65° 24´. In latitude 59.7. S., longitude by chronometers was 63° 28´, by account 66° 42´. In latitude 61.49. S., longitude by chronometers was 61° 53´, by account 66° 38´.” 2

The commander of the United States exploring expedition, Lieutenant Wilkes, in his narrative, says that in less than 18 hours he was 20 miles to the east of his reckoning in latitude 54° 20´ S. He gives other instances of the same phenomenon, and, in common with almost all other navigators and writers on the subject, attributes the differences between actual observation and theory to currents, the velocity of which, at latitude 57° 15´ S., amounted to 20 miles a day. 3 The commanders of these various expeditions were, of course, with their education and belief in the earth’s rotundity, unable to conceive of any other cause for the differences between log and chronometer results than the existence of currents. But one simple fact is entirely fatal to such an explanation, viz., that when the route taken is east or west the same results are experienced. The water of the southern region cannot be running


in two opposite directions at the same time; and hence, although various local and variable currents have been noticed, they cannot be shown to be the cause of the discrepancies so generally observed in high southern latitudes between time and log results. The conclusion is one of necessity–is forced upon us by the sum of the evidence collected that the degrees of longitude in any given southern latitude are larger than the degrees in any latitude nearer to the northern centre; thus proving the already more than sufficiently demonstrated fact that the earth is a plane, having a northern centre, in relation to which degrees of latitude are concentric, and from which degrees of longitude are diverging lines, continually increasing in their distance from each other as they are prolonged towards the great glacial southern circumference…

259:3 “South Sea Voyages.” By Sir J. C. Ross, p. 96, vol. i.

260:1 “South Sea Voyages,” by Sir J. C. Ross, p. 27.

260:2 “Voyages towards the South Pole,” by Captain James Weddell.

260:3 “Condensed Navigation,” p. 130. Whittaker and Co., London.”[3]

  1. The star trails prove that the Earth is a plane of existence and not a sphere. Rowbotham, as will be explained in detail later, testified that at Zenith the Stars move in an arc of a circle as observed at Zenith from the North down as far South as Australia. If the Earth was a sphere the stars would not move in the arc of a circle, if it was spinning a star trail image would not even be possible, but arise before the observer and move in a straight line from straight ahead and then pass overhead straight behind the observer.startrails
  1. If the Earth was a sphere the observer would not need to travel all the way to the Southern Hemisphere and even to the Antarctic Circle to see the Southern Stars rotate a different direction than the stars around Polaris. All he would need to do is view Southward.

Testimonies of Authority

The following testimonies are not to suggest that all these people believe that the Earth is flat. Nor is it to suggest that operations manuals always use a Flat Earth Model. They are given to suggest that in many cases, I think I am safe to say most, a Flat Earth model is used when supposedly the truth of Heliocentrism is in essence proved by its functionality when the fact is Science predominately uses Flat Earth Geocentrism.

  1. Nasa admits their Linear Aircraft are designed to fly “over a flat, non-rotating earth.”




  1. The FAA admits consideration of curvature to Earth produces navigational error.

Validation Of The Automatic-Flight-Inspection Instrument-Landing-System Best Fit Straight Line Application by David A. Quinet, Avionics Engineering Center School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ohio University:

“A review of the AFIS software indicated that this initial processing took into account earth curvature. Further analysis indicated that this error is minor in computing RDH/ARDH. In fact, at four miles (the most sensitive location for the RDH calculation) the difference in altitude for earth curvature versus a flat earth is 14.10 feet. This introduces an error in the RDH calculation of 1.78 feet. In the Ohio University implementation, all values are converted to East-North-Up coordinates in a locally-level plane referenced to the runway threshold.” (Pg. 3)[4]

  1. Robert P. Comer, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc. (1984) 77, 1-21, “The tsunami mode of a flat earth and its excitation by earthquake sources”,

“Several other investigators have attacked the problem of tsunami generation with the ocean and solid earth fully coupled. Podyapolsky (1970) and Alexeev & Gusiakov (1976) considered a point earthquake source in the solid earth, which was represented by an elastic half-space; however, the accounts of their methods are rather incomplete and only a few results are illustrated. Yamashita & Sato (1974) extended a similar model to a finite, moving source, but the explanation of how they perform the key step of evaluating the residue at the ‘tsunami pole’ is omitted. And although the works just cited are all based on flat earth models, none make reference to the tsunami normal mode of a flat ocean-earth system… Ward’s results are useful and important, yet it is nonetheless also rewarding to explore tsunami normal mode excitation using a flat earth model. At the very least, two independent solutions of very similar problems can be used to check one another. Also, no significant increase in accuracy can be obtained simply by going from a flat earth model to a spherical one, since the tsunami mode eigenfunctions (unlike those of long-period seismic surface waves) do not penetrate the solid earth very deeply, and a correction for geometric spreading on a spherical, rather than flat, surface is easily applied. Of course, the geometric spreading of real tsunamis is different from either idealized case, due to the bathymetric variations (resulting in variations in wave speed) in the real oceans.” (pg. 2)[5]

  1. Professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study, Freeman Dyson admits the preferred operational model is Flat Earth:

“It is reasonable to consider the Earth as approximately uniform within a distance of a few tens of kilometers from a given point on the surface, but within this distance it is also a good approximation to consider the Earth flat. A uniform-sphere model would have no advantage over the much simpler flat-Earth model.”[6]

“We are here assuming that the flat-Earth model gives a valid description of the dynamics of earth motions in the region adjacent to the point O.”[7]

  1. Air-to-Air Combat Flight Dynamics is admittedly governed by the Flat Earth Model:

A Study Into Advanced Guidance Laws Using Computational Methods by Daniel Perh, December 2011, Naval Postgraduate School,

“For this simulation, flat earth approximations are used, as the ranges involved in air-to-air combat are relatively short as compared to tactical ballistic missiles, and a point mass model will be assumed for the flight dynamics. The following vector equations fully describe the motion dynamics of a free body in space… The equations used in (2.1) are intended for flat earth approximations. Hence they do not include terms that transform the NED frame to an earth centered inertial (ECI) frame. Those terms would be needed for simulations that require modeling of the missile flight path over a spherical, rotating earth, such as simulations of ballistic missile trajectories.” (Pgs. 9-10)[8]

Derivation Of Linear-Tangent Steering Laws By Frank M. Perkins, Guidance And Control Subdivision Electronics Division Aerospace Corporation, Air Force Report No. Ssd-Tr-66-211, Nov. 1966,

“1. FOR A FLAT EARTH The bi-linear-tangent steering law was presented in Reference 4 for a flat earth in the form:

tan 0= A +Bt/ C+Dt


where A, B, C, and D are unspecified constants.” (Pg. 14)[9]

  1. NASA admits that Optimal Guidance Law Development for an Advanced Launch System uses The Flat Earth Model: NASA, Optimal Guidance Law Development for an Advanced Launch Systemby Anthony J. Calise and Martin S. K. Leung Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, 1995,

“In [2], Chandler and Smith have developed an IGM for the Saturn V vehicle. It is based on a flat Earth no-atmosphere model, and is further simplified with linear angle steering guidance.” (Pg. 2)

“In [13], Jacobson and Powers have developed an explicit guidance scheme also for low thrust space flight. It is basically a retargeting procedure and uses an analytic solution for the inertially fixed and constant acceleration flight. Recently, Feeley and Speyer [14] have used regular perturbations on the expansion of the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation, and have applied it to the launch vehicle guidance problem for exoatmospheric flight. The approach requires an analytic zero order solution and quadrature evaluation. The analytic solution is again based on a flat Earth, no-atmosphere approximation, and the neglected dynamics are introduced as perturbations.” (Pg. 3)

“Sec. 2 presents the formulation of the launch vehicle trajectory optimization problem, which includes the equations of motion and the vehicle aerodynamic and propulsion models that are based on a generic model of the ALS. The results for two purely analytical approaches are documented in Sec. 3. The first is a singular perturbation approach using an energy state approximation and a 2-state model. The second is a regular perturbation approach based on the zero order solution for a flat Earth no-atmosphere assumption.” (Pg. 4)

“Assuming that the dominant forces on the launch vehicle are thrust and gravity, an attempt is made to treat the atmospheric effects as a perturbation effect. To further simplify the problem, spherical Earth effects are also considered as perturbations (these effects are only apparent when the vehicle reaches orbital speed near the end of the flight). The result is similar to the maximum horizontal speed transfer problem in [33] for a flat Earth no atmosphere situation.” (Pg. 33)[10]

  1. John Hopkins’ Journal admits Missile Guidance uses The Flat Earth Model,

Modern Homing Missile Guidance Theory and Techniques by Neil F. Palumbo, Ross A. Blauwkamp, and Justin M. Lloyd,

“For simplicity, we assume a flat-Earth model with an inertial coordinate system that is fixed to the surface of the Earth.”[11]

Force, Level Effectiveness Modeling for the Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missile by Steven M. Biemer,

“Tomahawk trajectories are typically represented as a set of straight and level flight profiles, each at different altitudes, over flat terrain.” (pg. 60)[12]

  1. The Military admits that their Antennas used for high-power microwave systems are designed to function in The Flat Earth Model,

Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields Over Flat Earth by Joseph R. Miletta Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate,

It is assumed that the transmitting antenna and the target (or receiver) are located above, but near the surface of a flat idealized earth (constant permittivity, ε, and conductivity, σ) ground.”(Pg. 1)[13]

  1. Recently the YouTuber Jeranism had an Iowa Flight Instructor tell him in an interview that he believed the Earth was flat and all his pilot buddies do as well but can’t say anything due to employment. His exact words were,

“I’ve gotten calls like crazy from other Pilots…and they all admit and they all say yep, they see the same things and they say the problem is you’re never going to get a current airline guy to admit it because of risk of losing their job.”[14]

  1. Facebook member Flat Earth Science and the Bible posted a list of professionals who have admitted the Earth is Flat. I re-posted it on my blog at the writer’s permission in my article, Professionals Who Have Confirmed Flat Earth.[15]
  1. Continental drift proves the Earth is floating on water. Thus, the Flat Earth. The Globe Earth Tectonic plate explanation is simply proof by assertion.

The Earth is Stationary

  1. The vertical cannon experiment proves the Earth is not moving. David Wardlaw Scott mentioned this experiment in his famous work Terra Firma. We have a mini version of it by YouTuber JG24FanUK in his video Cannon shot straight up into the air.[16]

Now I count the projectile’s journey to be 10 seconds. Seeing these boys maintain that they are in the UK that means at their location the Earth’s rotation is 600 mph.[17] Now how far has the earth rotated in the 10 second span? Well, let’s consult the mph/feet per second calculator.[18] Here we see that 600 mph is 880 feet per second. 10 seconds multiplied by 880 feet is 8, 800 feet. That’s over a mile and a half!  Yet the projectile lands right next to them as if the Earth isn’t moving at all.

  1. Polaris and the Constellations have never changed their position.
  1. The Ancient Sundial at the 13th Century Konark Sun Temple still tells time perfectly.konark_sun_temple_-_wheel_of_the_chariot
  1. Cladius Ptolemy’s work accurately predicted eclipses and where the shadow of the moon would strike the Earth for hundreds of years on the basis of a Geocentric Earth.
  1. The Michelson–Morley experiment proved the Earth isn’t moving and Einstein even admitted it. Einstein stated,

“While I was thinking of this problem in my student years, I came to know the strange result of Michelson’s experiment. Soon I came to the conclusion that our idea about the motion of the earth with respect to the ether is incorrect, if we admit Michelson’s null result as a fact. This was the first path which led me to the special theory of relativity. Since then I have come to believe that the motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment, though the Earth is revolving around the Sun.”[19]

  1. East to West and West to East Airplane flights take the same time proving the Earth isn’t moving.
  1. We read in McGraw-Hill, Encyclopedia Of Science & Technology, 10th Edition, “Ballistics”,

“For very long-range missiles, the approach of celestial mechanics with nonrotating Earth-centered coordinates is used.”

[1] This material is taken from Zeteticism DotCom, Zeteticism (FLAT EARTH) Vol. 5: Zetetic Water and Sunset Light Reflection Patterns

[2] Mark Fonstad, William Pugatch, and Brandon Vogt, Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake:

[3] Samuel Birley Rowbotham, Zetetic Astronomy, [1881]

A modern truth seeker can find these quotations used by Rowbotham at the Internet Archive Website, A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions by Captain Sir James Clark Ross Vol. I (London, John Murray, 1847), 96-97


See also Assessing The Validity Of Using Actual Navigation Performance (Anp) Information For Supporting Designated Flight Inspection Operations by Michael F. DiBenedetto, Ph.D., Senior Research Program Engineer Avionics Engineering Center School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ohio University , Appendix pg. 32-36


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[14] Jeranism, A Pilot Calls jeranismRAW – Says He Wants To Test Flat Earth:





[19] “How I created the theory of relativity”, by Albert Einsetin, Physics Today, August 1982, page 46:

Choose, Roman Hegemony or Semetic, You Cannot Have Both

“The importance of the achievement must be apparent to every historian, no matter how unsympathetic his attitude toward the content of Christianity may be. The modern European world, what may be called “western civilization,” is descended from the civilization of Greece and Rome. Our languages are either derived directly from the Latin, or at any rate connected with the same great family. Our literature and art are inspired by the great classical models. Our law and government have never been independent of the principles enunciated by the statesmen of Greece, and put into practice by the statesmen of Rome. Our philosophies are obliged to return ever anew to the questions which were put, if not answered, by Plato and Aristotle.
Yet there has entered into this current of Indo-European civilization an element from a very diverse and very unexpected source. How comes it that a thoroughly Semitic book like the Bible has been accorded a place in medieval and modern life to which the glories of Greek literature can never by any possibility aspire? How comes it that the words of that book have not only made political history—moved armies and built empires—but also have entered into the very fabric of men’s souls? The intrinsic value of the Book would not alone have been sufficient to break down the barriers which opposed its acceptance by the Indo-European race. The race from which the Bible came was despised in ancient times and it is despised to-day. How comes it then that a product of that race has been granted such boundless influence? How comes it that the barriers which have always separated Jew from Gentile, Semite from Aryan, have at one point been broken through, so that the current of Semitic life has been allowed to flow unchecked over the rich fields of our modern civilization?
The answer to these questions, to the large extent which the preceding outline has attempted to define, must be sought[21] in the inner life of a Jew of Tarsus. In dealing with the apostle Paul we are dealing with one of the moving factors of the world’s history.” (20-21)
THE ORIGIN OF PAUL’S RELIGION, BY J. GRESHAM MACHEN, D.D. Assistant Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis in Princeton Theological Seminary