Destroying JaclynGlenn’s Pro-Homosexual Marriage Arguments

JaclynGlenn posted ten arguments Christian people use to defend Heterosexual Marriage and gave her own defense of Homosexual marriage at each point.
My response:

First, I love how she phrases it marriage equality. Just saying the word equal does not make male testicles incompatible with female ovaries. Congress shall not make equal what God has made unequal.


#1 Later on in the video you say that the way people feel should nt be a basis for law, but here you are saying that the way people feel should be.

#2 Was a fallacy of appeal to fallacy. So what if I admit that polygamy is morally acceptable?


#3 Is an equivocation fallacy on this word nature. The behavior of animals is not jointly exhaustive with nature. Nature means what things are. It doesn’t mean how animals act. I am a male which means I have testicles. Testicles are for impregnating a woman. That is their nature. The fact that men stick their penises in a another man, doesn’t change the nature of their testicles.


2:09 Divorce rates are through the roof, not because of straight marriage. It is because of the inconsistent lesbianism of the women, pace Feminism. Feminist women are trying to act like men and that is why marriages are failing.


2:15 Pedophilia doesn’t interfere with the marriages of other people,therefore according to your logic, pedophilia should also be legal. Hey, you don’t believe in age discrimination right?


#5 2:28 You are completely clueless JaclynGlenn! Tons of laws have everything to do with offending people. That is what the Civil Rights Movement was all about. The fact that white people used to tell blacks to sit in the back of the bus, and were not allowed in certain restaurants, etc.


#6 Age discrimination Jaclyn! Where’s your equality?


#7 2:55 Single parent households produce the most problematic citizens Jaclyn.


#8 You just said two people of the same sex can have kids!!!!! You knew their meaning was production not management Jaclyn. Disgusting sophistry!!!


3:14 Fallacy of accident Jaclyn!


3:37 Actually that is the standard definition of morality I have heard from atheists Jaclyn. How else do you know what right and wrong is?



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