Summary Mission of the Southern Israelite


7 thoughts on “Summary Mission of the Southern Israelite”

  1. Southern Israelite…….have you read the book, “Who is Esau-Edom” by Charles Weisman? You can google a pdf copy if you have not. I would be interested in your opinion of the thesis.


  2. You could summarize it by saying it is the central theme to the teachings of British Israelism/Christian Identity. That being: The 12 Tribes of Israel’s descendants are the European peoples of the 1st century. The Adamic Race being Caucasian.

    I’m not particular interested in the rest of the teachings of BI or CI; but am interested in the theory that the Israelites were of a Caucasian Race. You call yourself “Southern Israelite”. Do you consider yourself an Israelite by blood, or faith or both?

    Ps…..sorry for the delay. The “notify me of new comments via email” does not seem to be working.


  3. Hello Southern Israelite. I read and listened with interest to your personal doctrines. I share many of your convictions because I read, accept and trust the ancient books of the Prophets, Teachers and Yeshua’s Ambassadors; but I don’t share your apparent trust in the faulty translations and distortions of YHWH God’s message preserved in those ancient Scriptures. I continue using the Key of Knowledge to learn more of the TRUTH revealed in the ancient Scriptures. This amazing testing and measuring procedure is mentioned in Luke 11:52, Matthew 16:19 and 23:13 and Revelations 11:1-3. If you really want to know the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH and to expose false prophets and teachers, quickly, unequivocally, and with absolute authority, you will need (besides a great deal of faith) an intelligent rational mind, good critical thinking skills, and common sense, all of which you seem to have. But you will also need great humility and willingness to admit your mistakes when these are brought to light by the Key of Knowledge. Shalom Michael email (without spaces) mike.molyneaux @


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