Reply to Orthodox Bridge on the Reformation

This was my comment lest it be deleted out of cowardice.

The necessity for Reformation is the following:

The Church after Loadocia was now admittedly totally reinventing the wheel rejecting the Bible’s thought categories and introduced foreign thought categories from Greek Philosophy.

The meaning of the word Elohim as used in the Tanach was replaced with the Greek confusions about the concepts of Homoousious, Essence, Person, Being, Huperousia, etc.

Elohim does not mean homoousious. It does not mean absolute divine simplicity. It does not mean huperousia. Those thought categories are totally foreign to the Bible. The Early Church placed Hellenism on top of the bible to create a totally different religion from the Bible. No Sabbath? Swine eating? Angelic celibacy? Where is a single Monastery in the Bible? All the feasts have been fulfilled? If the harvest feasts and the feast of trumpets has been fulfilled then the 2nd coming has already happened and that is Preterist heresy.


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