Flat Earth Resources

  1. Bible says the Sun, Moon and Stars are in the firmament not millions of miles away. Gen. 1:14-18.
  2. The firmament is clearly described by Scripture as a solid object. The root Hebrew word, raqa`, clearly refers to a solid substance spread out in its use in scripture (link). The Book of Job describes it as hard and strong as a molten looking glass. Job. 37:18. Psa. 19:1 testifies its existence after the flood. Thus, the Hovind theory is incorrect.
  3. Scripture denotes our location as being under the Sun not orbiting around the Sun. (The Entire book of Ecclesiastes)
  4. The Bible describes the sun, not the earth as moving in a circuit above the earth and under the firmament. (Psa. 19:6, Genesis 15:12, 17, 19:23, 28:11, 32:31, Exodus 17:12, 22:3, 26, Leviticus 22:7, Numbers 2:3, Deuteronomy 11:30, 16:6, 23:11, 24:13, 24:15, Joshua 1:4, 8:29, 12:1, Judges 5:31, 8:13, 9:33, 14:18, 19:14, II Samuel 2:24, 3:35, 23:4, I Kings 22:36, II Chronicles 18:34, Job 9:7, Psalm 19:4-6, 50:1, 104:19, 22, 113:3, Ecclesiastes 1:5, Isaiah 13:10, 38:8, 41:25, 45:6, 59:19, 60:20, Jeremiah 15:9, Daniel 6:14, Amos 8:9, Jonah 4:8, Micah 3:6, Nahum 3:17, Habakkuk 3:11, Malachi 1:11, Matthew 5:45, 13:6, Mark 1:32, 4:6, 16:2, Luke 4:40, Ephesians 4:26)
  5. The Bible explicitly states that the earth does not move and never indicates in a single place that it moves or changes its position in the universe. (Joshua 10: 12-13, 27, 1 Chronicles 16: 30, Job 26:7, Psalm 93:1, 96: 10, 119: 90)
  6. Dr. Michael Heiser admitted the Bible teaches Flat Earth. 
  7. Nasa admits their globe images are composite images created on a computer, not photos.
    See also Rob Skiba’s exposure of the famous picture supposedly taken from the moon: (link)
  8. The proofs for Heliocentrism are logical fallacies. Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong, pg. 57. (link2)
  9. Polaris and the Constellations have never changed their position.
  10. Sun Dogs prove the existence of the Firmament.  (link2)
  11. Nasa admits their Linear Aircraft are designed to fly “over a flat, non-rotating earth.”
  12. I have taken numerous flights from Kentucky to California and back and both trips took the same time. If the earth was spinning hundreds of miles an hour Eastward it should have taken much less time to fly from Kentucky to California and how the California to Kentucky flight happened remains a mystery.
  13.  Video footage from distant locations proves no curvature such as this video from Port Dalhousie to Toronto. The excuse that these images are results of light bending are arbitrary. The Concave supporters say the same thing.(link2) Moreover, Skiba proved the famous Lake Michigan  image of Chicago was not a mirage. (link)
  14. Balloon footage from 121, 000 feet shows a perfectly flat earth with a straight horizon, no curvature. Any earth images with curved horizons are a product of a fish eye lens.
  15. Balloon footage also shows a particular heat spot on the earth’s atmosphere proving the sun is not exponentially bigger than the earth and millions of miles away and disproving one of Eratosthenes primary assumptions.
  16. If the Heliocentric explanation of the sphericity of the planets be correct, namely Gravity, the Earth should be a perfectly smooth sphere as should the moon, yet we have massive topographical variation including massive mountains and there are massive craters on the moon.
  17. Solar eclipses display the sun and moon as the exact same size.
  18. Shrinking Sun proves Sun is moving away during a sunset not the Alleged spin of the Earth. (link)
  19. Nasa admits they cannot penetrate the Van Allen radiation belt.
  20.  Hubble Telescope Really the SOFIA 747?
  21. 34 Arguments Against Reds Rhetoric
  22. Lunar Eclipse With Both Sun and Moon above the Horizon. 
  23. JOHNS HOPKINS APL TECHNICAL DIGEST Admits Missiles Are Designed to Operate in Flat Earth Model.
  24. Army Research Lab: Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields Over Flat Earth
  25. John Hopkins’ Journal Admits Functional Model Is Flat Earth
  26. NASA, Optimal Guidance Law Development for an Advanced Launch System by Anthony J. Calise and Martin S. K. Leung Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, 1995, on Flat Earth Model
  27. Derivation of Linear-Tangent Steering Laws by FRANK M. PERKINS Using the Flat Earth
  28. Air-to-Air Combat Flight Dynamics Governed by Flat Earth Model
  29. Texas State University and Arizona State University prove Kansas is flat as a pancake. 
  30. What Is Gravity? Neil deGrasse Tyson: I Have No Idea
  31. The Moon produces its own cool light, per Gen. 1:16. Thus, Moonlight is not a reflection of Sun light. 
  32. FAA Admits Consideration of Curvature to Earth Produces Navigational Error
  33. Jeran proves Ships perceived over horizon is a mirage. 
  34. Robert Bassano proves NASA Deputy HST Manager has never seen Hubble among 25 year career.
  35. Bart Sibrel’s work against the moon landings. (1. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon)(2. CCN 21- Uncovered Document Proves Moon Landing Fraud)(3. Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?)
  36.  A Stereoscopic method of verifying Apollo lunar surface images by OLEG OLEYNIK, Ph.D.
  37. ‘Moon rock’ given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake

    See also:Samuel Rowbotham, Zetetic Astronomy Earth Not a Globe


    W.M. Carpenter, One Hundred Proofs That The Earth is Not a Globe
    David Scott, Terra Firma The Earth Not A Planet


    Rectangle, Zetetic Cosmogony; Or, Conclusive Evidence that the World is Not a Rotating-revolving-globe





Replying to More Globe-Nonsense on the Flat Earth Firmament from Original Truth Movement

Replying to a Pathological Liar on the Flat Earth; Gen. 1:20

Pythagoras – Proto Heliocentrism




2 thoughts on “Flat Earth Resources”

  1. Perhaps you should write up a brief list of the main arguments for the Flat Earth which others can then use as a guide or to introduce sceptical people because there is so much material on this, and much of it unprofessionally presented, that a few core arguments would be useful.
    I would propose:
    1. Parallax. The constellations, North Star and so on have barely moved even though according to Heliocentrism the Earth is moving which would entail that the night sky would also change. According to the Heliocentric model the Earth is spinning and wobbling on its own axis, orbiting the Sun, and the solar system is moving around the galactic centre and bobbing up and down through the Milky Way, while all the other stars do likewise at varying speeds and directions, so if we are moving along at least five different axis why does the sky remain the same?
    2. Avian and human flight. Birds and aircraft take as long to travel east as west, and fly north to south in a straight line, and do not adjust their trajectory in flight to account for the Earth’s curvature, or land as if they are aiming onto a moving surface (this is different from aircraft carriers where pilots have to be specifically trained to deal with a moving landing strip).
    3. Gravity cannot by definition be independently observed, it is postulated from the Heliocentric theory that if the heavenly bodies are moving through empty space (no aether or firmament) there must be an unobservable force causing them to interact. The ‘proof’ of gravity presumes Heliocentrism to be true hence gravity is proven by Heliocentrism not the other way around. It is unobservable and cannot be proven independent of Heliocentrism. It does not account for how birds can lift off from the Earth but the oceans do not even though the speed the Earth purportedly moves at would create huge angular momentum and centrifugal forces pushing the oceans and atmosphere outwards (like swinging around an Olympic hammer). Yet we perceive no centrifuge and it has no effect, so gravity can hold both a bead of sweat to my head and an ocean to the Earth but not a Hummingbird? (That ties into all the bizarre properties of water like how it is denser liquid than solid.)
    4. The globe Earth images from NASA and the Moon landings are fabrications. What would they be hiding methinks?


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