Her Previous Lover’s DNA is Still In Her Body Guys

That’s right fellas. You thought to yourself, hey, it’s a new age. The women are different now. I’ll just have to settle. What woman hasn’t slept with many men before she gets married? I’ll forgive her, and make an honest woman of her. I’m a nice guy. FULL STOP! WARNING!!

Guys, there’s a frightful chance, if she’s had a son, or even been pregnant with one and later aborted it, or even had unprotected sex with another man (and what woman do you know doesn’t qualify for these conditions?),  that hosebeast not only has his DNA floating around in her bloodstream, not only has his DNA taken up permanent residence in her womb, she might actually have his semen infused into her f-ing brain!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I was kidding guys.





3 thoughts on “Her Previous Lover’s DNA is Still In Her Body Guys”

  1. From a Scriptural perspective, this makes complete sense. The “one flesh” union is one of a Sexual, physical nature. The ‘two becoming one flesh’ through the act of sexual intercourse and the passing of DNA. The entirety of the Evangelical community today utterly rejects. For those who consider themselves ‘followers of the Christ’, only virgin girls and widowed woman have the right to marry: to take a husband. I have written on this subject http://www.areyoumarried.wordpress.com

    To Southern Israelite, I have just stumbled upon your site so I have no way of knowing what you believe and where you stand on Scripture. If you consider yourself a follower of Christ, I would value your opinion of the position I have taken.


      1. Some time ago, I was reading this website called “firstchurchoftheinternet”. In it, there is an audio sermon entitled “telegony”. I’ve been meaning to ask you about your thoughts on this subject, so this article is welcome. This subject was “officially debunked” by scientists decades ago and there has been almost zero research concerning it. Of course, if you look into animal husbandry research you will see far more interest. Glad to see someone else looking into this.


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