Whose Flood Story Was First; the Pagan or the Jewish?


When faced with the monumental work of George Stanley Faber’s  three-volume masterpiece The Origin of Pagan Idolatry, which demonstrates how all the pagan religions of the world derive from the story of Noah as described in the Bible, the modern Nazi-anti-Semite will maintain that the Bible’s story is derived from Paganism. I have been told in particular that the Noahic story is derived from The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Faber maintains in Vol. 1, page 40 that, the original oriental pronunciation of Noah was “Nuh, with the Sanskrit Men which denotes Intelligent prefixed to it.”

Prima Facie Evidence the Middle East Pronounces Noah as Nuh

This is very significant. In the Indian Sanskrit the word for intelligence is manu.[1] And also Manu is the Noahic character in Hindu mythology that built the great boat to survive the human race from the great flood![2] Moreover, as Hislop points out on page 195 of his masterpiece The Two Babylons,

“In india, the god Vishnu, ‘the Preserver’ who is celebrated as having miraculously preserved one righteous family at the time when the world was drowned, not only has the story of Noah wrought up with his legend, but is called by his very name. Vishnu is just the Sanscrit form of the Chaldee ‘Ish-nuh’ ‘the man Noah’ or the ‘Man of rest’.”


See also that the Ancient Indian Priestly Class had Jewish DNA!


Moreover, just as the Sanskrit principle of intellect is the name for the great Patriarch of the flood in Indian philosophy, in the Greco-Roman philosophy the great principle of intellect, the Nous, bears the very name of our Biblical Patriarch Noah or in the oriental Nuh. [3] Moreover, in the Mesopotamian mythology the great sky Father deity is Anu. [4] This is the exact deity mentioned in The Epic of Gilgamesh![5]

Now folks, what you are about to read is so devastating to the Nazi narrative, if you are of this ilk I suggest you strap yourself in and find yourself a stick to bite on because this is going to hurt real bad.

In the Bible, the flood story of Noah contains a family of eight characters, one father with three sons accompanied by their wives; thus, eight persons; four male and four female, led by the great Patriarch Nuh.  Thus we read: Gen. 7:13

13 On the very same day Noah and Shem and Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah’s wife and the three wives of his sons with them, entered the ark

Are we on the same page so far? Ok. So in the ancient Egyptian mythology there are eight primordial deities called the Ogdoad. Wikipedia states, based upon  Egyptian Mythology By Geraldine Pinch (Oxford University Press) pages 172-175,

“The eight deities were arranged in four male-female pairs: Nu and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Kuk and Kauket, Huh and Hauhet. The males were associated with frogs and females were associated with snakes. Apart from their gender, there was little to distinguish the male gods and female goddesses; indeed, the names of the females are merely derivative female forms of the male name. Essentially, each pair represents the male and female aspect of one of the four concepts of primordial chaos, namely the primordial waters (Nu and Naunet), air, invisibility, and hidden powers (Amun and Amaunet), darkness and obscurity (Kuk and Kauket), and eternity or infinity (Huh and Hauhet).”[6]

Now, my Nazi reader, you let that sink in real deep.  Breathe it in nice and slow. Now if you begin to feel your skull starting to swell as your brain begins to combust, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. You see, the breath of life is literally trying to escape your body as it no longer wishes to tolerate your disgusting existence.  How about you do us all a favor and either get on board with what I’m doing, or just end your miserable life that is based on deliberate pathological dishonesty.

Thus, seeing the name of Noah himself replete within the mythologies and philosophies of the ancient peoples, we can comfortably conclude that Noah was the original Patriarch that all the rest of the mythologies were based upon.

Southern Israelite signing off, shalom.

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