Professionals Who Have Confirmed Flat Earth

Flat Earth Science and the Bible

Many Professionals have recently come out as Flat Earthers and have CONFIRMED the FLAT EARTH with UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE!!! This is NOT A JOKE!! THE EARTH IS FLAT!! Here are their interviews:

US NAVY Missile Instructor confirms flat earth

Career Land Surveyor: NO curve ever measured!

US Navy Submarine Chief: What curve?

Flight Instructor: We ALL fly over a flat earth

Industrial valve expert: ISS is a lie- flat earth

Flat earth- US Army Artillery Radar Operator: no curve is used

International Shipping Expert: The routes are flat!

Retired US Air Force Navigator Talks about Flat Earth

Australian Intelligence Officer: GPS is Ground Based-Flat Earth

US Army Master Gunner: Is it a Flat Earth?

Corporate Travel Agent Confirms Flat Earth: Flights don’t make sense on a globe

Atheist Engineer proves the earth is flat and destroys Einstein’s Theory of Relativity:

German Engineer/Pilot Confirms Flat Earth and says GPS Satellites don’t exist

Engineer completely debunks ISS

Air traffic controller and flight instructor meet and both confirm flat earth

Air Force Jet training proves flat earth

#earthisflat #NASAlies


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