Gad, An Author of Samuel

Talmud – Mas. Baba Bathra 15a

“[You say that] Joshua wrote his book. But is it not written, And Joshua son of Nun the servant of the Lord died?13 – It was completed by Eleazar. But it is also written in it, And Eleazar the son of Aaron died?14 – Phineas finished it. [You say that] Samuel wrote the book that bears his name. But is it not written in it, Now Samuel was dead?15 – It was completed by Gad the seer and Nathan the prophet. [You say that] David wrote the Psalms, including work of the ten elders. Why is not Ethan the Ezrahite also reckoned with? – Ethan the Ezrahite is Abraham. [The proof is that] it is written in the Psalms, Ethan the Ezrahite,16 and it is written elsewhere, Who hath raised up righteousness from the East.17”


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