62 Proofs the Jews Do Not Control the World




3 thoughts on “62 Proofs the Jews Do Not Control the World”

  1. I’ve ordered one of your books. I am wide open to the truth. So far, you are only cementing in my mind that the Jews are behind it all. For one, that the jesuits (including their founder loyola) are obviously Jews. I’m only looking for the truth and I’m not even an authority and I believe that I know enough to debate you on the issue. If you can show me something other than what you have here that would show other than the Jews, owing everything, I’d like to know. You don’t seem to mention crypto-jews.


    1. Wrong! Loyola was an ethnic Basque.
      If you believe the Jews run the world you have fallen for the psy-op you likely absorbed from Youtube disinfo shill channels. Drake is correct and has clearly done real indepth research on this topic. I suggest you do the same amigo.


  2. Can you explain why no media owner (hollywood, TV, radio, newspaper, google, youtube, NFL and every sports team, whatever) are non-Jews? I literally mean NONE. It’s not like we’re just talking about a majority. And, this doesn’t include crypt-jews. So, either you’re lying or you have information you are deliberately withholding. Which is it? I do NOT ask rhetorical questions. I am very sincere here.


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