Dr. Ken Gentry Exposed on the Feasts and Eschatology

Dr. Ken Gentry is one of if not the leading Reformed writer on eschatology in modern times. I had a conversation with Ken Gentry in the last few days regarding eschatology and the Nazarene position on the Levitical feasts. Dr. Gentry’s position is arbitrary and he avoided most of what I said. If he had actually addressed my statements I would not have titled this an exposure but his refusal to address my arguments and his obtuse demeanor in this conversation demands it. The conversation is located here:





  1. Dr. Gentry failed to show how a principle and not an actual event and/or person is the fulfillment of the shadows of the Levitical  feasts. Hebrews 8 and 10 denote shadows and their fulfillment as realities. There is no middle parameter used in the Bible as the fulfillment of a feast.
  2. Not all the feasts were sin offerings. The Passover is a memorial. The Harvest Feasts involve grain offerings. etc.
  3. Gentry refused to answer this question: “If you admit the shadows have not been fully fulfilled then on what basis other than church tradition do you avoid them?”
  4. Gentry absolute ignored 1 Cor. 5 and Col. 2.
  5. Gentry absolutely ignored the fact that his position on the Lord’s Supper as a replacement for the Levitical feasts lacks any timing parameters or guidelines whatsoever completely contrary to Lev. 23.
  6. Gentry’s sad co-out at the end was an appeal to authority fallacy. I completely admit that my position is a total rejection of Orthodox Catholic Christian doctrine.

    Dear reader what is left for me to convince you of? I have exposed the best of the best Christian Theologians you are going to find on these issues. I have already read the works of these men. I know how they think like the back of my hand. This religion is done. The Catholic tradition has run its full course and is why we are faced with the chaos we live in today. The only honest reaction you can have to these things is a full abandonment of your Church and a full enfranchisement of my efforts to create a New Nation for our people. If you know of someone better fit to accomplish this task please let me know and I’ll follow him. Otherwise, you’re just making excuses.

    I have a college degree. I have a year of grad school. I have 6 certifications in Computer technology and yet have been completely denied every enfranchisement  in this country for the sake of my people, the Bible, the Protestant Reformation and the Solemn League and Covenant. I have been celibate for over 15 years and have had multiple opportunities to be with women. My scholarship from school was taken from me 2 months before I graduated because of my views of the Regulative Principle. I have been fired from my job with no notification whatsoever for the things I write about. I have been living in poverty for over 16 years for these things. When I graduated from college I was denied a career literally scores of times because of the 4th Commandment. Hundreds and hundreds of resumes and interviews. Oh, you want to go to Church huh? Sorry, no job for you. When I actually was offered a job, the very first day of work, a black man I had never said a word to, literally terrorized me at work every day because I graduated from Bob Jones University and he was adamant to force me to quit because he viewed Bob Jones Univ. as Racist. It worked. I was so terrorized by this man I had no other choice but to quit.  I had to take two jobs making little more than minimum wage and after a year and a half of working about 70 hours a week on my feet to keep up with the bills from college, the discs in my lower vertebrate became terribly degenerated and the ligaments that hold my hip and my spine snapped at work ending any future hope of the career I earned in college. My life has been ground into powder by this system so not only am I not empathetic with your excuses,  if you don’t help me, I’m going to pray imprecations on you and in time, if I ever come to any power I will be a living terror to you. Yeah, that’s a threat and a promise at the same time. Go ahead and ignore me and see how that works out for you.


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