David Duke Confused About Pope Francis

David Duke is utterly confused on the role of Jesuit Pope Francis. In earlier articles in 2015 Duke was championing the Jesuit Pope. In an article published on his website by Gilad Atzmon we read,

“An Israeli media outlet reported last week that The Jerusalem Sanhedrin –a Jewish religious ‘High Court composed of 71 sages’, has declared that it is putting Pope Francis on trial unless he retracts his statement that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel or to Jerusalem.

Pope Francis’ crime is that he officially recognised the existence of the State of Palestine. The trial and judgment will be on September 20th, 2015. Fortunately, this leaves Pope Francis enough time to seek legal advice from Alan Dershowitz. However, if Pope Francis chooses to ignore the summons, he will be judged in absentia.”


Here we see Duke’s platform aligning itself with Francis as a persecuted martyr for their cause. Duke followed up and signed off on the notion:


Yet nine months later we have Duke calling the Pope insane, blaming him for his condoning of the Arab invasion of Europe!


And then just last week he accused the Jesuit Pope of White Christian Genocide!


So we have Duke doing a complete 180 on the biggest Political figure in the world! This man has been racially aware (He joined the KKK in 1967!) and active in the events of modern History and Politics longer than I have been alive! Surely this man should understand the world at least well enough to identify the role of the most powerful political office in world History, the Papacy! Maybe the reason why Duke mis-judged Francis is because there is something fatally wrong with his Historiography and his view of the Jews. Marx’s Historiography was based on the idea that human history is properly understood as a struggle between economic classes; Duke’s a struggle between the Jews and the Goyim; The Protestant, a struggle between the true congregation and the Papacy. Our platform has been saying for years that the Jesuits are anti-white, pursuant to the South American Reductions and their suppression in 1773. Our platform has been saying for years that the Jesuits are against Religious Jewish Nationalism as their Communist brethren in Russia persecuted the Religious Jews in Russia!


I have been saying for years that Dispensational Pre-Mil Zionism was erected to supplant the traditional Protestant-Anti-Papist-Anglo-Supremacist-Post-Mil Historicism, to curb anti-Catholic sentiment in America, to end the Pro Anglo-Protestant Johnson Reed Act, and to end the Calvinist Protestant influence of Anglo-Protestant Colonialism.  The Nation of Israel would be led in its creation and controlled by Freemasonic Atheists not Religious Jewish Nationalists.  Thus, with their Freemasonic Pre-Mil Zionism, the Anglo-Protestant Calvinists are supplanted, the Religious Jewish Nationalists are supplanted, the traditional Catholics that suppressed them in 1773 are supplanted, their Muslim enemies are in great degree supplanted, and Jesuit Communist Mysticism championed.   Modern events and the actions of Pope Francis and the actions of the Religious Jews fit our Historiography perfectly. When will Mr. Duke’s ilk face it? The Jesuit, anti-Protestant, anti-traditional feudal Catholic, Communist Mysticism, is clearly the beneficiary and controller of the modern narrative.  It is undeniable!


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