24 Reasons to Reject Peter Joseph(PJ)

In order to understand my Biblical National Socialism you need to understand two very basic principles:

  1. The Bible is a revelation of absolute truth. Thus, value is not subjective. It is objective.
  1. Both the Bible and Nature teaches Nationalistic Collectivism not Individualism. Profit is not wrong in itself, but profit at the expense of your National Collective is. Thus, decisions pursuing profit should profit the individual but not at the expense of the National Collective. This is broadly recognized even today in the campaign of Donald Trump. Americans are broadly rejecting the Capitalist principles of self-interest and competition and demanding Corporations originally created in America abandon their self-interest and competitive advantage in other countries and return to their National Collective identity in America as loyal to their tribe.

Concessions to PJ

  1. Capitalism is incompatible with the Malthusian principle. Dabney spoke to this issue in his Defence of Virginia, pg. 303. And I suggest the first slaves in our new nation be the traitors and atheist savages among us now and their families as slaves forever pursuant to Joshua 9.
  1. Factory technology is putting people out of work and replacing human beings with machines at the profit of the owners at the expense of the people. In our new nation, the mass production factories will be nationalized and exist as public property to the benefit of the state and the people.
  1. The Capitalist principle of planned obsolescence is a malicious and wasteful principle to enrich the few at the expense of the nation.
  1. Libertarians and Capitalists say consistent abstract principles decide the correct economic, not History.  But abstract principles do not always win the day. Environmental pressures and class warfare determine people’s actions sometimes over principles. Thus, the capitalist system seems to present a foolish Monergism to the human person. For example most Black people in America believe abortion is wrong, yet they vote for a party that supports abortion because in this case the Democratic Party is aligned against white people whom the blacks view as their enemy.


  1. The Libertarian and Capitalist absolutely Free market suppresses technology and discovery to maintain revenue production and profitability. However, Communism is the same. Show them the statistics on hate crime and racial integration, the subornation of the black race and they will suppress you.
  1. If you believe the Bible, you must admit that the usury laws and the jubilee were enacted to retain a middle class and keep the rich from becoming too powerful in society.

Critique of PJ

1. PJ clearly advocates making the means of production State property but demands he isn’t a Communist!

2. PJ clearly advocates for Racial Integration and dissolution, a principle explicitly stated by Engles in The Principles of Communism, 22, yet demands he isn’t a Communist

3. PJ clearly advocates for the Nationalization of Banks, a principle explicitly stated by Engles in The Principles of Communism, 18, yet demands he isn’t a Communist!

4. PJ describes hired labor as selling oneself as a prostitute, a principle explicitly stated by Engles in The Principles of Communism, 7, yet demands he isn’t a Communist!

5. PJ’s globalist system is designed to free the Proletariat as described Engles in The Principles of Communism, 11,

“Moreover, the further this process advances, the more new labor-saving machines are invented, the greater is the pressure exercised by big industry on wages, which, as we have seen, sink to their minimum and therewith render the condition of the proletariat increasingly unbearable. The growing dissatisfaction of the proletariat thus joins with its rising power to prepare a proletarian social revolution.”


yet demands he isn’t a Communist!

6. PJ’s hatred of Humanity and his view of Human Civilization is inherently Buddhist and Anarchist yet he lives in Civilization and refuses to attend the Monastery where his ideas belong. It is an air of superiority that arrogates to oneself divine attributes (that he denies even exist) and sees himself as Huperousia outside of labels and above all humanity. This is reinforced when he says he is beyond isms. Yet he makes metaphysical claims of universal human equality, natural law, etc. PJ’s platform rests on the assumption of Empirical Science and Laws of Physical Reality which have been thoroughly refuted by Atheist Philosophers and Mathematicians themselves. Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong by Drake, Chapter III. And is this not an ism?

7. Human beings are inherently tribal as race and ethnicity are biological realities.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HaplogroupHuman History also cannot be ignored as different tribes of people have related to each other  mostly through hostility. Thus, Biology and History do not permit inter-racial global cooperation.  A simple examination of DOJ Hate Crime statistics shows the number one reason for hate crime is race and ethnicity

8. People are not all equal, and the people in this globalist system that are intellectually superior to others and are more disciplined are going to demand a social supremacy as their responsibilities will be superior, making your entire endeavors vain. And these men will not want to help other nations ethnically and historically hostile to their people. Someone is going to have to run these machines and know how they work. Not everyone is capable or willing to learn these complex things.

9. In this system, the currency will be knowledge, not dollars. And knowledge comes by effort; unless someone invents a Matrix machine capable of infusing knowledge into people’s brains directly. Thus, there will still be a market as there will be demand and scarcity of knowledge and thus a hierarchy. PJ says the gaming Strategy inherent in the market system will inevitably arrogate to itself the exact same powers and prerogatives as the state, if the Anarcho-Capitalist system is erected. I reply that the inequalities inherent in human beings will inevitably create demand for higher abilities, scarcity of abilities and thus a currency other than paper or coin and create a market.

10. If PJ adopts empiricism and the tabula rasa, then PJ’s own ideas are a product of the Industrial Markey Capitalist system he says he rejects. His views on race are a perfect example of this. All science and history points us to the reality and significance of race, and the differences between the races, yet our media and our education system tell us the opposite and PJ sides with the propaganda over the facts. You see how is Marxist Pelagianism backfires on him.

11. The problem we have here is not a market economy but the mode and circumstances of it. In our new Nation the market will be populated by people who have a common interest with each other to maintain their blood and their faith, not people in competition with each other.

12. The Zeitgeist Thesis is baseless. The Jewish religion has no human derivation. On the contrary the ancient pagan peoples hated the Jews specifically because they did not allow synchronization of religion.


Manetho states in his The History of Egypt that the Law of Moses was “completely opposed to Egyptian custom”. Loeb Classical Library, pg. 127


On the contrary, paganism came from the story of Noah.


Chris White did a good job combing through the details of PJ’s errors.


13. Communism sought to liberate man from slavery, yet PJ admits there are more slaves now than in any point in human History as Communist ideas have dominated for 100 years! And the sex slave industry is a product of his Sexual Revolution. The Myth of Gender Equality by Drake beginning on page 51.

14. PJ’s renunciation of competition is a direct denial of his allegiance to Darwin. See Origen of Species, pg. 77 where Darwin explicitly fingers Herbert Spencer ‘s survival of the fittest as being the accurate summation of his view of competition.

15. PJ claims the Bible’s law system is cruel and inhumane but the modern Prison system is exponentially more and the Torah has no Penitentiaries. So PJ shows his perfectionist pietism that will never be satisfied no matter what reforms are made.

16. PJ defines immorality as anti-social behavior, classic Utilitarianism. If that is true then, those Germans who refused to cooperate with the Nazi regime were evil.

17. PJ claims we are paranoid of white Genocide, but this is not white supremacist paranoia. Black scholars like Frances Cress Welsing brag about this. USA Today has documented it on a National Platform.

18. PJ denies that behavior is the product of genetics. This is his Pelagian mysticism and a denial of his own Scientific Tradition.

19. PJ claims black on white crime is the result of economic injustice, yet we have seen from thousands of videos and the Knockout game that most of these attacks are not to get money from white people but blatant displays of hatred.


20. Moreover, PJ says that the more money people gain the more anti-social they become and utilize coercion more upon their fellow man. This goes against his point that criminal psychology is determine by poverty, whereas now it is determined by prosperity.

21. PJ’s Historiography lacks any solid foundation. He does not prove the causes of the social problems he sees. Take the plight of American blacks. Integration has been the most influential legislation in removing the wealthy and educated blacks from the black communities, and has left them to be ruled by gangs and drug dealers. Black Scholar, Roy L. Brooks’ Integration or Separation? also provided criticisms of Integration. In Chapter 6, “Why Integration Has Failed”, Brooks says,

“When all the probing, postulating, and proselytizing about the American race problem comes to an end, one thing will remain clear beyond peradventure: the traditional liberal solution to the problem-racial integration-is not the right answer for most African Americans. Four decades after the Brown V. Board of Education, millions of African Americans are still not receiving adequate education and emotional support in our public schools, are still not living in safe and decent neighborhoods, are still not working to their full economic and emotional potential, and are still not able to protect their social and economic interests through the political process…[Integration] has encouraged and facilitated an exodus of talented individuals and stable families from African American communities during the post-1960s, and thereby depleted these communities of human and economic resources. This flight to integration has left millions of African Americans in the nation’s inner  cities not just poor but poverty stricken.” (104-106)

Thus, if anyone is to blame for the plight of the black man today it is liberals like PJ. Plessy vs. Ferguson/Jim Crow was passed by Yankees not by Southern men.  PJ is assuming that black people need white people to succeed. They cannot flourish on their own and must parasite off of white people. Oh the racism of PJ!

22. He does not address Corporate Personhood and the history of Communist cooperation with Capitalism such as J.C. Bancroft Davis’(A Socialist) involvement with Corporate Personhood that benefitted Capitalists, the leadership roles Communists played in Capitalist wars such as our American Civil War where mostly German Communists led the Capitalist Yankee army down to the South, and the monumental work of Anthony Sutton and his exposure of Wall Street’s support of the Bolshevik Revolution.

23. Usury, a practice championed by the Secular Renaissance and Enlightenment, is forbidden by the Bible with a slight exception given to hostile enemies. Why I Left the Christian Church by Drake, Chapter VIII.

24. PJ is under the influence of the Jesuits who created modern globalism. The United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations were created by Jesuit Inspired Gentiles Cecil Rhodes and the Rockefellers. In The Last Will and Testament of Cecil John Rhodes, edited by W.T. Stead (1902) we read on page 56, when Stead says,

“Mr. Rhodes was more than the founder of a dynasty. He aspired to be the  creator of one of those vast semi-religious, quasi-political associations  which, like the Society of Jesus, have played so large a part in the history  of the world. To be more strictly accurate, he wished to found an Order as  the instrument of the will of the Dynasty, and while he lived he dreamed of being both its Caesar and its Loyola.”

This Jesuit inspiration is repeated throughout the next ten pages of this work. Lord Milner was an executor and trustee of Cecil Rhodes as his connection to Rhodes came through his office as Colonial administrator in the South African Cape Colony. Milner’s secretary was a man named Lionel George Curtis. Curtis began the Roundtable Movement and wrote the book The Commonwealth of Nations (1916). Then he founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London following a meeting in Paris (Paris Peace Conference, 1919), June 1920. Under Woodrow Wilson, Edward Mandell House attended that same meeting in Paris and upon returning to America, established the Council on Foreign Relations which is the sister organization to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The international organization that this conference formed was termed the League of Nations. After WWII this League was replaced by the United Nations in 1945. The CFR’s membership includes most of the major talking heads of our Media. Our educational institutions are dominated by the UN through UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the International Bureau of Education. In our country, the CFR’s job is to conform the common man into a coadjutant for the purposes of the UN and UNESCO and International Bureau of Education’s job is to do the same thing on a higher level with the more educated classes of the world. The United Nations was buttressed by Pope Paul VI, in his Pastoral Constitution On The Church In The Modern World, December 7, 1965 where we read,

“It is our clear duty, therefore, to strain every muscle in working for the time when all war can be completely outlawed by international consent. This goal undoubtedly requires the establishment of some universal public authority acknowledged as such by all and endowed with the power to safeguard on the behalf of all, security, regard for justice, and respect for rights.”


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