Protestant Messianic Post-Mil Historicist Eschatology Index

Daniel’s Statue Prophecy

The Harlot, the Scarlet Beast and the Jesuit Papacy

Sir Isaac Newton on the Little Horn of Dan. 7 and the Three Annexed Kingdoms

42 Months, Time, Times, Half a Time, 1260 Years,1290 Years, 1335 Years, the Abomination of Desolation, the Two Witnesses, the Great Tribulation and the Two Beasts Revealed

Dan. 9 – Seventy Weeks

Rev. Prof. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee on Daniel 9:27

Daniel 11 Protestant Historicist Exposition

The Day-Year Principle

The State of Death, Purgatory, and Abraham’s Bosom and the Serpent Seed Doctrine

The Earth Abides Forever – New Heavens New Earth

The Seven Seals, the Four Horsemen and the Destruction of Jerusalem – Rev. 6 and 7

The Events Immediately After the Destruction of Jerusalem 70 A.D. and the Seven Angel Trumpets – Islam – Rev. 8

The Vials of Wrath and the Sino-Soviet-Muslim Invasion

The Great City not a Jewish Run Jerusalem but Roman Catholicism 

Ethnic Israel’s Claim to the Land of Canaan Challenged and Answered

Alexander the Great Reads About Himself in a Jewish Prophecy Given Centuries Before his Birth

Sir Isaac Newton on the 2300 Days and the Little Horn of Dan. 8

Nigel Lee’s Seventy Weeks Chronology

Yeshua Fulfills the 69th Week of Daniel

Nigel Lee’s Seventy Weeks Chronology

Yeshua Fulfills the 69th Week of Daniel

The New Jerusalem

Gleason Archer Refutes the Liberal View of Daniel

Brexit Wins! Praise Yah! Enjoy that Humble Pie Jesuit Papacy!

Hell, Why I Left the Christian Church, Chapter X

The following issues are found in my book One Hundred and Sixty-Six Theses Against the Jews, the Hebrew Roots, the Ebionites, the Muslims and the Premillennialists that can be referenced here: Drake’s 166 Theses

Ezekiel’s Temple, Theses 5, 53

Destruction of the Temple and Matthew 24, Theses 24

The Kingdom of God and the Kingship of Yeshua, Theses 33-41

Jewish Conversion and Restoration Promises Theses 54, Amillennialism and Replacement Theology Rejected in the Conversion of the Ethnic Jews

Literal, Figurative, or Allegorical, Theses 61-64

Typography Changes, Theses 65

One Judgment, One Resurrection Theses, 160, One Judgment and One Resurrection, Revelation 20 and the Two Resurrections, Theses 66

The Land Promise Fulfillment, Theses 67, 69

Postmillennial Victory, Social Obligations, Anti-Pacifism and Historical Progression Rooted in Yeshua’s Kingship, Theses 138-151, 160; 36 Arguments Against Christian Pacifism; A Defense of National Socialism and Libertarianism Refuted

The Feasts, Theses 152; Antichrist Changes Times and Laws – the Sabbaths – Dan. 7:25; Dr. Ken Gentry Exposed on the Feasts and Eschatology

Antichrist, Theses 153

Already Not Yet, Theses 161

The Last Days, Theses 59



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