Empirical Evidences for the Existence of the Biblical Elohim I Use When Conversing With Atheists

Empirical Evidences for the Existence of the Biblical Elohim I Use When Conversing With Atheists:

  1. The Earth is flat and has a dome over it demonstrating clear evidence of special creation and the divinity of the Bible.

A.Polaris and the Constellations have never changed their position.

B. Sun Dogs prove the existence of the Firmament.

C. Nasa admits their Linear Aircraft are designed to fly “over a flat, non-rotating earth.” https://southernisraelite.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/nasa-document-1988-admits-designs-for-flat-earth/

D. I have taken numerous flights from Kentucky to California and back and both trips took the same time. If the earth was spinning hundreds of miles an hour Eastward it should have taken much less time to fly from Kentucky to California and how the California to Kentucky flight happened remains a mystery.

E. Video footage from distant locations proves no curvature such as this video from Port Dalhousie to Toronto. The excuse that these images are results of light bending are arbitrary. The Concave supporters say the same thing.

F. Balloon footage from 121, 000 feet shows a perfectly flat earth with a straight horizon, no curvature. Any earth images with curved horizons are a product of a fish eye lens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQITXbcz2hg

G. Balloon footage also shows a particular heat spot on the earth’s atmosphere proving the sun is not exponentially bigger than the earth and millions of miles away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnzUgKZ8m2k

H. The Bible says the Sun, Moon and Stars are in the firmament not millions of miles away. Gen. 1:14-18.

I. The firmament is clearly described by Scripture as a solid object. The root Hebrew word, raqa`, clearly refers to a solid substance spread out in its use in scripture (link). The Book of Job describes it as hard and strong as a molten looking glass. Job. 37:18. Psa. 19:1 testifies its existence after the flood. Thus, the Hovind theory is incorrect.

J. Scripture denotes our location as being under the Sun not orbiting around the Sun. (The Entire book of Ecclesiastes)

K. The Bible describes the sun, not the earth as moving in a circuit above the earth and under the firmament. (Psa. 19:6, Genesis 15:12, 17, 19:23, 28:11, 32:31, Exodus 17:12, 22:3, 26, Leviticus 22:7, Numbers 2:3, Deuteronomy 11:30, 16:6, 23:11, 24:13, 24:15, Joshua 1:4, 8:29, 12:1, Judges 5:31, 8:13, 9:33, 14:18, 19:14, II Samuel 2:24, 3:35, 23:4, I Kings 22:36, II Chronicles 18:34, Job 9:7, Psalm 19:4-6, 50:1, 104:19, 22, 113:3, Ecclesiastes 1:5, Isaiah 13:10, 38:8, 41:25, 45:6, 59:19, 60:20, Jeremiah 15:9, Daniel 6:14, Amos 8:9, Jonah 4:8, Micah 3:6, Nahum 3:17, Habakkuk 3:11, Malachi 1:11, Matthew 5:45, 13:6, Mark 1:32, 4:6, 16:2, Luke 4:40, Ephesians 4:26)

L. The Bible explicitly states that the earth does not move and never indicates in a single place that it moves or changes its position in the universe. (Joshua 10: 12-13, 27, 1 Chronicles 16: 30, Job 26:7, Psalm 93:1, 96: 10, 119: 90)

M. Dr. Michael Heiser admitted the Bible teaches Flat Earth.


  1. Human beings are the only species on this Earth with books and math and geometry etc. while many creatures have much better sensory organs showing clear evidence of special creation and the Bible’s teaching of man as the creators’s image.
  1. The prophecies in the Bible, Dan. 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, and Matt 24 especially show clear evidence of the Bible’s divine origin.



One could make the argument also, that the very existence of the Jews is fulfillment of Bible prophecy seeing the world has been trying to annihilate these people for thousands of years.

  1. The ancient flood of Noah as described in the Bible is proof of Catastrophism in a young Earth model, evidencing special creation, as opposed to Darwinian Gradualism. All the ancient peoples of the world give testimony to the great flood:



Noah’s was the original narrative as proved:


Thus again, we have proof of the divine origin of the Bible.


8 thoughts on “Empirical Evidences for the Existence of the Biblical Elohim I Use When Conversing With Atheists”

  1. 1. I. Not only does the Raqa exist after the Flood but rain continues to come from the “windows of heaven” after the Flood as well. This is a serious problem for the “Flat Earth Bible” doctrine.

    I have come to find that the “Flat Earth Bible” doctrine is inconsistent with itself textually.

    The internal Contradiction that comes from taking Job 37.18 super literally 100% & the ”Dome” Refuted


    1. People never cease to shock me how easily they convince themselves that they have actually replied to someone they disagree with. Sir, you literally avoided every single word in this article. I will leave up your comments for 24 hours and if you haven’t addressed the arguments in this blog I am deleting your comments and blocking you from this blog.


      1. I never intended to answer ever single Flat Earth point of yours up there. I only intended to answer the “Flat Earth Bible” teaching, which I think in all my posts is sufficiently exposed for its inconsistency enough already, though I may write more later.

        I really mostly posted these for you since I can’t stand to see a smart guy like you duped by this so if you want to delete them then that is fine by me. I do not need to advertise on your blog.

        I also forgot to update this in the article about the Raqa: “Also the prefix ‘ב’ has more definitions than just ‘in,’ but can also mean ‘on,’ ‘by,’ ‘at,’ or ‘with.’”


  2. I might as well share these too:

    The Literalness of the ”rising” & ”going down” of the Sun in the Flat Earth Model

    Rob Skiba’s Stupid Sunset and Sunrise Perspective Argument Refuted

    Critique of the Flat Earth Movement’s Arguments made from ”Circle of the Earth”

    The Book of Enoch doesn’t teach a Flat Earth either (Maccabees also covered here)

    DEBUNKED – 75 ‘Flat Earth’ Bible verses teach no such thing (by Steven Anderson)


    1. I just found something in the Bible that further substantiates my argument against your “in the firmament” argument. I need to update my paper. I’ll post it when I get time if you do not block me by that time. Right now I need a break from sitting at the computer. My spine and really my whole body bugs me a lot when I sit in front fo the computer too much.


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