Faith and Heritage Peddling the Same Old Lies

So Faith and Heritage is peddling the RapeofJustice platform in a recent article. I have refuted all this stuff for years.

“This same Judaizer issue would plague Christendom throughout history in the phenomenon involving marranos, conversos, anusim, cristianos nuevos (“New Christians”), or crypto-Jews. Most sources – including the mainstream Jewish ones – acknowledge that these converted Jews never truly embraced Christianity, but tended to maintain their practice of Judaism in secret…Indeed, according to Dr. Robert Maryks of Boston College, the Jesuit order (Society of Jesus) was financed by Spanish and Dutch Jews as it was founded by “a deep and sincere spiritual Semite,” Ignatius of Loyola. ”

The Council of Trent was dominated by Jesuit influence. As the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia states,

Paul III became an enthusiastic admirer of the new society. He chose three Jesuits, Lainez, Salmerón, and Lefévre as sole papaltheologians to the Council of Trent. The latter died in Romebefore the council began its sessions. Lainez and Salmerón* were joined by two other Jesuits at Trent, Le Jaye who represented the Bishop of Augsburg, and Covillon the theologianto the Duke of Bavaria.”

As the same article admits Lainez was an ethnic Jew:

Second general of the Society of Jesustheologian, b. in 1512, at Almazan, Castille, in 1512; d. at Rome, 19 January, 1565. Hisfamily, although Christian for many generations, had descended from Jewish stock, as has been established by Sacchini (Historia Societatis Jesu, II, sec. 32).

Interestingly, Hendrie maintains that even Salmeron was a Jew on page 122 of his book. 

According to the Roman Catholic Council of Trent’s 17th session, the Protestant Reformation was being seriously considered until the speech by Gaspard Del Fosso, Archbishop Reggio pointed out that the Church’s change of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and its replacement of circumcision by Baptism was indicative of her authority over the scripture. (History of the Council of Trent by Félix Bungener, pg. 298.) The Augsburg Confession repeats this Roman Catholic argument in Article XXVIII: Of Ecclesiastical Power,

“They [The Roman Catholics-DS] refer to the Sabbath-day as having been changed into the Lord’s Day, contrary to the Decalog, as it seems. Neither is there any example whereof they make more than concerning the changing of the Sabbath-day. Great, say they, is the power of the Church, since it has dispensed with one of the Ten Commandments!”

Yet according to our opponents The Council of Trent was dominated by a Synagogue of Jews! We should have read of Hellenistic Christianity being supplanted by Jewish influence, not Jewish doctrines such as the Sabbath and Circumcision, being supplanted by Hellenistic Christianity. Our opponents have it 180 degrees wrong!

And as for Loyola his family has been DNA tested and he was R1b not J1 or J2.

It was at this point I knew the rest of this is a waste of time. Same old same old that I have destroyed for years now:




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