Sargon of Akkad Exposed and the Greatest Assurances of Modern Liberals Utterly Debunked!

If you want to see a liberal’s sparks fly and his pride for his Enlightenment tradition swell within him like a   gas balloon, watch him talk about The Human Development Index and modern standards of Western Liberal Civilizations. It is his Raison D’être. In a recent video by Liberal Champion Sargon of Akkad , (9:30) Sargon points us to this index as a banner of victory over the alleged savagery of Muslim Civilizations. This Index could not be more full of dung. First, the homogeneous quality of life given by this index to the entirety of North America is utterly disgusting.  A simple examination of Median Household income by state in the US shows a drastic difference among the states especially the Southern states.  As I pointed out from Professor Webb in the Addendum section of my book on the South, New England, has gained its wealth from 150 years of theft, rape, murder, and ethnic and religious genocide of the Southern people and the Western Mongolian people. Attributing a homogeneous standard of living in North America is utterly disgusting!

Let’s continue to break this Index down.

According to the latest CDC report 2,596,993 people die each year at a life expectancy of 78.8 years, giving us a total of 204,643,048 life years. According to the Guttmacher Institute there are a little over a million abortions performed each year in our country;  giving us a death total of 1 million at 0 years. This then gives us a death total of 3,596,993 people! Thus when we have this new and more accurate number and divide it into the 204,643,048 life years total we have a life expectancy of 56.89 years, a massive difference!  Moreover, as liberal principles have come to utter supremacy in the late 20th and early 21st centuries the white people here have undergone a massive ethnic cleansing. We see, in the National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 61, Number 1, Births: Final Data for 2010, page 20 Table 1 that in 2010 and 20 years before, white families were producing over 3 million babies a year. Yet in the Preliminary data for 2015, the same report has the 2015 white total at 2, 129, 657! That is over 30% decrease in birth rate!  As I have pointed out in my book on the South chapter IX, the result of the Civil Rights era and Sexual Revolution, is an ethnic and religious genocide even further from the Civil War and Reconstruction of our people! So you can take your stupid Index and shove it Sargon!

Now just to lean in on you even further,

  1. Southern black slaves had a better economic condition, nutrition and life expectation than Northern white people. Fogel says in his Time on the Cross, “The material (not psychological) conditions of the lives of slaves compared favorably with those of free industrial workers.” (pg. 5) And again, “U.S. Slaves had much longer life expectations than free urban industrial workers in both the United States and Europe.” (pg. 126) After considering years of criticism of this book Fogel states in his Without Consent or Contract (New York, N.Y.: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1989), 395, “The comparison between the nutrition of urban wage earners in the United States with that of American slaves is closer, yet here too the slaves appear to have had an advantage , although only a slight one.” In TOC, pg. 125 figure 36, Fogel showed that the life expectation of slaves was favorable  to most western nations. They were listed 5th place behind American white men, the English, Holland and France.
  1. Southern slaves had the same life expectancy as most Western nations and had a longer life expectation than urban industrial workers in both the United States and Europe. TOC, page 126,“For many, statistics on life expectancy are the ultimate measure of physical well-being…Although the life expectation of slaves in 1850 was 12 percent below the average of white Americans, it was well within the range experienced by free men during the nineteenth century. It was, for example, nearly identical with the life expectation of countries as advanced as France and Holland. Moreover, U.S. Slaves had much longer life expectations than free urban industrial workers in both the United States and Europe.”
  1. The Southern slaves ate better than the entire white population’s average in 1879 and third best among Western Nations. On page 112, figure 33 of TOC, Fogel shows that the slave diet in 1860 was better than the average daily food consumption of the entire population in 1879.


Now under Western Liberalism things have gotten much worse for the black population. According to the 2016 State of Black America published by The National Urban League, page 15, the present Median Household Income of white families in America is $59, 622 while the present Median Household Income of black families in America is $35, 481. According to my count of the recent Gallup Survey American blacks are in 12th place among Western Nations.

According to the 2016 State of Black America published by The National Urban League, page 15, the present life expectation for American Blacks is 75.1 years. According to the World Health Organization, American blacks then place 68th among Worldwide life expectations. (link1) (link2)

In the Antebellum South the black slave population rose 1200% until the Civil War, the slaves had no single parent families unless caused by death and adultery was punished by whipping.  According to the Annie Casey Foundation 66% of American Black children are raised in single parent households. A complete collapse of the Black family and community! A complete failure of Western Liberal Democracies!

Sargon continues to tell us Western Nations have more internet connectivity than Muslim nations. I like the Internet but how is this a valid parameter for quality of life? I know many people who have destroyed their families on the internet, connecting to old high school flames on facebook and most human trafficking transactions are either made possible by or completed on the internet! Next Sargon mentions women’s rights and gay rights which created the destruction of the family, the abortion holocaust, the STD plague and the modern human trafficking industry.  Next Sargon brings up slavery. First, Sargon’s movement created the sex trafficking industry which is now worldwide and second, I already demonstrated in explicit detail the supremacy of Southern slavery to his Western Democratic economy.

The only redeeming statistics he brings up are freedom of the press and lack of child labor.

With this article, and my books Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong,  A Defense of the South Against the Jesuit Counter Reformation, The Myth of Gender Equality and A Timeline of Jesuit Intrigue as well as the recent discoveries of the Flat Earth (link) I have now completely debunked the entire Enlightenment tradition and all of the attempts liberals and atheists have made to salvage it. Your ideas have failed epistemologically, metaphysically, cosmologically, ethically, politically, socially, and everything else in between! The Enlightenment and modern Secularism is a total scam!  One cannot face these irrefutable facts and spend another day in any Liberal American University or Institution. The only honest and consistent response to a reader or viewer must be a complete abandonment of these Institutions and a full support of this ministry in our efforts to create a new nation for our people.

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