Cenk Uygur Busted!; Roscoe Conkling the Communist Capitalist


Your editor has already spoken ad nauseam to the connections between Capitalism and Communism but this issue is one of particular importance in light of the recent political climate. We cannot fall into the trap of answering for either the crimes of Communism or Capitalism as traditional Southerners. Liberals often use this technique in argument. In a recent debate between Cenk Uygur and Dinesh D’Souza:

Uygur made the argument that the Radical Republicans of the 19th century were the progressives in their time, but with the implementation of the Southern Strategy under Nixon, the progressives switched from Republican to Democrat. But there is a big problem. In this debate and elsewhere, Uyger has championed the cause of liberalism to be the destruction of the Corporate Personhood legislation, the greatest strength of modern Capitalism.


But wait! The Corporate Personhood legislation is a result of the work of a Radical Republican named Roscoe Conkling. He was one of the original drafters to the 14th Amendment! He argued in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co. that the 14th Amendment was meant to apply to Corporations! Corporate personhood, and the disastrous effects it has had on America is the fault of liberal policies! Folks, Cenk is the host of one of if not the most popular liberal talk show in the world, the Young Turks! Unbelievable!


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