The Jews To Blame for Demographic Crises of White Americans? Nope

So Sinead McCarthy is back to spreading lies and doing the bidding of the Jesuit Papacy.

Sinead you are dead wrong on your immigration argument that Jews are behind all the demographic genocide of the British and Northern European people. The event that ended the pro-British demographic policies of the Johnson Reed Act was the Civil Rights Act. Who was responsible for the Civil Rights Act? A Jew you say. Nope. I quote from Notre Dame’s Bio on Roman Catholic Priest Theodore Hesburgh:

“From the exhausting fact-finding missions to the final deliberations over wording, Father Hesburgh was acknowledged as the principal architect of the Civil Rights Act and served on the Civil Rights Commission from its inception in 1957 until 1972, when President Nixon replaced him after he criticized that administration’s civil rights record.

When President Barack Obama spoke at Notre Dame in 2009, he acknowledged the central role the Holy Cross priest, awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 1999, had played in this chapter of American history.”…/champion-of-civil-rights/

Now an open apology should be made with your next video for this inexcusable error on your part.


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