Dr. John Robbins Exposed Part 2; Private Property, Corporate Person, Usury


2 thoughts on “Dr. John Robbins Exposed Part 2; Private Property, Corporate Person, Usury”

  1. I agree with your commentary here on usury, private property, and corporate person. However, I disagree with your theonomic views on the mosaic laws. I agree with JD Halls view on this; You may hate me for that but even Joel Mcdurmon changed his view on keeping all the mosaic law recently. I think Russia currently has the best laws regarding morality. Regarding economics, you should realize that your economic theory is most in line with modern monetary theory (mmt):
    1) you said everyone should work — that’s the job guarantee- read Pavlina Tcherneva; Modern neoliberal economics says that the unemployment rate can’t go lower than 5% and those people are just left to starve . Look at west virginia
    2) Usury is directly related to the predatory private lending that caused the 2008 crash– read Steve Keen
    3) regulation of banking sector and Glass Stegal act
    4) A central bank that is fiat and floating currency
    5) no currency unions like the EU
    6) You should find it interesting that Russia promotes mmt economics almost exclusively because the Eastern Orthodox understand how Austrian economics is causing an economic collapse currently in Europe and recognize how wrong it is

    One point you may not realize is that the gold standard is the goal of the Austrians. Sovereign money can only work in a fiat system that is well regulated. The reason why they love gold so much is because deflation allows the elite feudal lords to retain their money and pass it on from generation to generation (deflation)— to lend it their children forever while the slaves have no capital to start businesses. The only reason why the feudal system ended was because Protestants for the first time had such a demand for labor that workers were able to demand a higher price for their labor creating the “labor market”. We are currently re-entering a feudal system with globalization where we have
    a massive oversupply of labor and not enough jobs for that labor. The way to end this is to allow more entrepreneurs to flourish : Read “Rise of the Robots” for proof.


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