New Clothing Campaign on Teespring





One thought on “New Clothing Campaign on Teespring”

  1. The platform points made are accurate, but I don’t recommend this type of clothing. It is reminiscent of contemporary culture’s infatuation with casual, meaning communist factory dress/fad/fashion. People cannot distinguish wearers of these garments from the rest of the culture. If you want people to notice you, wear a continental suit/tie with spit-shined dress shoes and pocket square. This would be tmore reminiscent of the distinguished gentleman warrior styling of your trim and elegant masculine white Protestant forefathers like Stonewall Jackson. Gen. Jackson would NEVER wear casual clothes like this. We must look distinguished. People will respect you and listen to you if you looked distinguished. They will then take you seriously. Anything less, would be a disappointment and they will are right over your billboard clothing as with the masses of other people wearing the same. Looks matters! Be well groomed, sharp, well mannered and refreshingly dignified. That’s the mark of a Southern gentleman warrior.


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