The Moon Gives Us Always the Same Face, Not a Sphere


Adam Hadhazy writes in Discover Magazine article, “Why Do We Always See the Same Side of the Moon?”

“Q: Why does the moon always present the same face to us? I find it impossible to believe that this could happen by chance. — Michael Connelly, Toronto

A: Nope, not by chance — it’s pure physics.

For starters, the moon is not stuck in place with one side facing us. Our lunar companion rotates while it orbits Earth. It’s just that the amount of time it takes the moon to complete a revolution on its axis is the same it takes to circle our planet — about 27 days. As a result, the same lunar hemisphere always faces Earth.

How’d this come to be? In a word: gravity. The moon’s gravity slightly warps our planet’s shape and gives us tides. Likewise, Earth tugs at the moon, creating a rocky, high-tide “bulge” facing us. That bulge ended up working like a brake, slowing the moon’s spin down to the current rate, so the lunar high tide permanently faces us.

When that happened, about 4 billion years ago, the moon became “tidally locked,” and it has presented us the same visage ever since.”

First, Mr. Hadhazy begs the question on numerous grounds. First, your solution is quite convenient isn’t it? You see if we assume Mr. Hadhazy’s Heliocentric theory to be true we can later conclude that Mr. Hadhazy’s Heliocentric theory is true. Has a dizzying affect  does it not? Second, you don’t know what gravity is. That is an ad hoc fallacy. Third, this convenient solution with the lunar high tide permanently facing us makes your position unfalsifiable. Fourthly, NASA states,

“The Moon’s orbit around the Earth isn’t a perfect circle. The orbit is slightly elliptical, and because of that, the Moon’s distance from the Earth varies between 28 and 32 Earth diameters, or about 356,400 and 406,700 kilometers. In each orbit, the smallest distance is called perigee, from Greek words meaning “near earth,” while the greatest distance is called apogee. The Moon looks largest at perigee because that’s when it’s closest to us.”

Isn’t it inconvenient that though the Moon’s orbit is locked in and has been for 4 billion years, and this locked in-ness somehow isn’t a perfect circle, and varies up to 4 Earth diameters!? Can someone say, special pleading? Maybe overwhelming exception fallacy? Or maybe, what a crock of shit!

Maybe, the moon isn’t a sphere at all. What if we don’t have any evidence at all that the moon is a sphere. We always see the same side and the Bible never says it is a sphere.




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