The Moon’s Light as Reflected From the Sun, Contradictory to Physical Reality

Just recently I read from Discover magazine that the moon travels around the Earth every 27 days  (link), yet LiveScience tells us  it is 29.5 days. 

The Heliocentrists will also tell us that the light of the moon is not its own but a reflection from the Sun. First, this contradicts scripture as Gen. 1 tells us the moon is it’s own light to rule the night.  Second, this is completely foreign to our experience of spheres reflecting light. Here is the moon supposedly reflecting light:


Here are examples of spheres reflecting light:




Spheres when reflecting light do not reflect a circular homogeneous light or a speckled spotty light. They reflect a concentrated light in the center usually in a cross formation.

No doubt the Heliocentrists will complain that the texture of the Moon is different than that of the spheres listed above. They will then be forced to admit that we cannot reproduce conditions of such a texture and such a sphere here on earth to compare with the moon, thus making their position an appeal to authority and unfalsifiable.




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