Rev. Prof. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee on Daniel 9:27

“The year 70 A.D., then, constituted the end of that ‘week’ of seventy years. For then God caused the Older Testament’s sacrifices and oblations to cease in practice for the unbelieving Judaists too. This took place after the Roman “overspreading of abominations” — at the destruction of the temple and the devastation of Jerusalem in earnest. Then, as Daniel also predicted, “the people of the [Roman] prince that would come” — would “destroy the city and the sanctuary.” Thus too: Jesus; Calvin; the Geneva Bible; the Dutch States’ Bible, as commissioned at Dordt; Matthew Poole; Matthew Henry; Adam Clarke; Albert Barnes; Van Proosdij; Mauro; Leupold; Carroll; and E.J. Young. For then the risen Christ would bring His judgmental wrath down also upon the practical lives of the unbelieving Judaists in Jerusalem. Just as Daniel had foretold, Christ would “cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease” in the city’s temple. “And by the overspreading of abominations” by the Roman armies, He would “make it desolate.” The city’s temple would then stay desolate, “even until the consummation.” For in A.D. 70, God’s wrath — namely “that determined” by Jehovah-Jesus — would “be poured upon the desolate(d)” city of Jerusalem.”

D A N I E L ‘ S E S C H A T O L O G Y by Rev. Prof. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, pages 463-464


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