Nigel Lee’s Seventy Weeks Chronology

This is about what I have it to be as well. His distinction between solar years and the 365-day calendar is also helpful.

“How then should one understand the beginning, middle and end of the 70th or last ‘week’ in Daniel’s “seventy ‘weeks'”? His 70 sevenfoldnesses or weeks-ofyears are 70 x 7 alias 490 years each of 360 days. Messiah’s earthly ministry was to commence after 69 such “weeks” or after 483 such years each of 360 days (Dan. 9:25) or 476 solar years each of 365.25 days. So Christ’s earthly ministry commenced in A.D. 30 or 476 solar years after the B.C. 445 decree. Christ’s ministry lasted for 3.5 years (till 479.5 solar years after the decree in Dan. 9:27). Christ was “cut off” in death 479.5 solar years or 486.5 years each of 360 days after the decree. This being “cut off” was followed by a further half of a week-of-years alias 3.5 years, its end itself terminating the 483 solar years. The 483 solar years are Daniel’s 70 ‘weeks.’

Here is the proof of the above:

• March 14th 445 B.C. through December 25th 0 B.C. or A.D.: yields 446 solar years.
• Jesus Christ matures. A.D. 0 through till 30 yields a further: 30 solar years.
• End of the 69th seventy. Christ baptized for His earthly work: 476 solar years.
• Middle of 70th seventy. Baptized Christ ministers till His death: 3.5 solar yrs.
• End of 70th seventy. Christ sends Word to Non-Jews after another: 3.5 solar yrs.

TOTAL yields: 483 solar years. 483 solar years = 490 years each of 360 days or 7 x 70 year-weeks = Dan. 9:24.”

Rev. Prof. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Daniel’s Eschatology, pg. 467


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