The Firmament


  1. The Sun Dog proves the existence of the Firmament. The Heliocentric explanation of Sun Dogs is a baseless theory with no experimental verification. The Flat Earth explanation of Sun Dogs has experimental verification as demonstrated by Jeff of Zeteticism DotCom:


  1. The echo of thunder proves the existence of the Firmament.
  1. Meteors are often found with Fusion Crust on them. Fusion Crust is basically a glass coating.[1]



  1. As I have already demonstrated, the Heliocentric explanation of the Sky’s Blue Color is wrong as their theory would require the sky to be Violet. The sky must be blue due to the Bible’s teaching of the firmament and the waters above it. The same can be said for the colorization of clouds.


  1. Operation Fishbowl proves the existence of the Firmament. This High Altitude Nuclear test shows the missiles exploding onto what looks like a dome.



  1. The European Southern Observatory states in its article, 4 Laser Guide Star Facility

Four new stars to defeat atmospheric turbulence that a sodium based substance exists above the earth 90-110 kilometers in altitude,

“The 4LGSF complements the Laser Guide Star Facility (LGSF). Instead of one laser, the 4LGSF sends four laser beams into the skies to produce four artificial stars by exciting sodium atoms located in the atmosphere at an altitude of 90 kilometres…Lasers can excite sodium atoms in the mesosphere, which is located 90–110 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. The fluorescent light that is emitted by the sodium atoms and collected by the telescope has been affected by the atmosphere in the same way as the light emitted by real stars.”[2]

This is fascinating seeing sodium is used to make a prevalent form of glass called Soda-lime glass.

  1. The Libyan Desert Glass, Tektite Glass, and the Megacryometeor are circumstantial evidence.

[1] Randy L. Korotev, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Washington University in St. Louis, Meteorite Or Meteorwrong? fusion crust


See also European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) video ESOcast 34: How To Stop a Star’s Twinkle:




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