The Sun

In Job chapter 38 Yahovah humbles the pride of Job and asks him a series of Cosmological questions he knows Job doesn’t know and cannot know. One question he asks Job is,

Job 38:19 “Where is the way to the dwelling of light?
And darkness, where is its place,
20 That you may take it to its territory
And that you may discern the paths to its home?

The famous Bible Commentary by Jamieson, Fausset & Brown states,

“The marvels in heaven. “What is the way (to the place wherein) light dwelleth?” The origin of light and darkness. In Ge 1:3-5, 14-18, “light” is created distinct from, and previous to, light-emitting bodies, the luminaries of heaven.”

Thus, we read in Gen. 1:

3 Then Elohim said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 Elohim saw that the light was good; and Elohim separated the light from the darkness. 5 Elohim called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.

Thus, we see that the light was not eternal but created and brought forth by the commandment of Yahovah before the creation of the Sun and Moon.

  1. Eric P. Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who claims to have worked for RCA and to have been setup in a research position at Sonoma State University in the 1980s to study the claims of The Jupiter Effect (1974). I have not been able to document this, but he has claimed these things for many years and no one has sued him as far as I am aware.


Dollard gave a synopsis of what he learned during his research in an interview posted on the YouTube The Truth Channel, 3 Secrets About Our Sun by Eric Dollard (5 of 12).

He claims there is no inside structure to the Sun. He believes in the Hollow Sun Theory. Dollard points to the black Sunspots and maintains these are holes that allowed him to see inside the Sun and he claims it is hollow.


Dollard completely rejects the Fusion theory and maintains that the Sun produces no energy but is a transformer/converter that converts energy from another dimension or counter space. Dollard maintains that Fusion is only an outward effect of the conversion in the Solar Flares. Dollard maintains that the Fusion theory is pushed to ground the Capitalist Economic principle of Scarcity. He summarizes the modern establishment theory as “if you can’t put a meter on it’s not real.” The Fusion Theory is no doubt sourced in alchemy theorizing that the Sun converts its mass into energy through collisions between the cores of atoms, their nuclei.

Dollard’s theory that the Sun is a converter of a more primordial source of light is consistent with Scripture as we read earlier in Gen. 1 that the Light was made before the Sun and the Moon.

Dollard also maintains that the Sun is degenerating in its 24th cycle.[1] This is confirmed by Dr. David Hathaway in his article, Solar Cycle Prediction (Updated 2016/10/06).[2] Dollard and others, have warned this could have disastrous effects on the ionosphere and thus mass radio communications.[3] These observations have led many to believe the Universe is coming to a catastrophic end. Just in the past few years a man named Steven Christopher seems to be convinced that the end is near and that the Sun is going to stop. Not only so he bluffed an assassination attempt on President Obama in order to get National attention. YouTuber raspberryberrett05 chronicled his arrest and public testimony in his video Stevie’s Arrest – 1/16/09.[4]

Christopher took this even further and has gained a following on YouTube claiming he is the return of Jesus Christ going by the name Lord Steven Christ.[5]

The Shrinking Sun

157. There are many YouTube videos showing how the appearance of the Sun, its angular size, shrinks from noon to Sunset which is what happens on the Flat Earth model. Heliocentrists claim these videos are invalid because they do not use a Solar Filter. Zeteticism DotCom debunked this claim taking the Heliocentrist dazzthecameraman’s video Flat Earth Debunked – The Sun is NOT Shrinking As It Sets and showed from his own video that the Sun did shrink even with the Solar Filter![6]

Dazzthecameraman was so embarrassed by this he made his video private!







[6] Zeteticism DotCom, Refutation of “DazzTheCameraMan” solar filter analysis, which reveals sun shrinkage – FLAT EARTH:


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