The Debate Outline for EJP Debate

The Southern Israelite vs. Eric Jon Phelps of Vatican Assassins debate outline is linked below in pdf format:



2 thoughts on “The Debate Outline for EJP Debate”

    1. Why can’t someone “expose” the Jesuits and still be a “Christian”? Many of the reformers still held to Christian doctrine and beliefs but they launched the Protestant Reformation and broke the back of the Papacy. It could be that he simply “did not know” many of the facts which Southern Israelite is bringing out. Or he may just firmly believe in Christian doctrine. Either way that does not mean he has malevolent intent. Are you implying that Eric is a “coadjutor”? If so, please show cause, by way of solid, firm, personal, first hand substantive evidence.

      Thank You,
      Olmec Mbeki


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