Dr. Joel McDurmon Goes Full Cuck


My comment:

“Dabney spent virtually the remainder of his life railing against the radical egalitarians and liberals of all sorts. You can read much of what he wrote and agree with him still today. But he failed to address the core issues of race and slavery in a biblical way—and that was what mattered most. ”

>>>Actually Joel he did. He wrote his magnum opus on the issue. It is entitled: A Defense of Virginia and the South. Maybe you’ve heard of it? See also his Anti Biblical Theory of Rights. Until you address these works no learned and honest man can take you seriously.

Let’s see if he deletes it! Don’t hold your breath.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Joel McDurmon Goes Full Cuck”

  1. He did end up commenting on your post with his lecture he gave on dabney, i would be interested in hearing your response to his lecture he gave!! i acutally wanted to say more in this comment. im listening to his lecture on dabney he gave and it is very interesting. i have read alot of your book on the defense of the south, and joel really goes up against alot of the claims that dabney claimed. especially the laws about the protection of the blacks. in your book drake you mention alot of laws from virginia back in the day talking about the protection of blacks, but joel argued that just because it was written down on paper doesnt mean they followed it. joel also talks about fogel and ingerman and the time on the cross book you also cited and also gave some challenging statements about that too. so overall joel’s lecture on dabney in my opinion gave some really challenging points against the things you mention in your book, i would really love to here what your response is to his lecture. i am not as read and learned as you so i didnt know how to respond to his objections against dabney.

    sorry this post is so long…


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