Refutation of McDurmon’s Lecture “Dabney’s whoppers, or 1865 as America’s AD 70”

I have listened through McDurmon’s lecture against Dabney,

twice now and have refuted every single argument he made.

First, what is Mr. McDurmon’s thesis? He doesn’t tell us. What exactly is the point he is driving at? That Southern Slavery should have been abolished? That’s quite a side issue isn’t it? 80% of the Southern people did not even own slaves, only 3-4% were involved in plantation slavery, yet hundreds of thousands of people died and their families were pillaged, tortured and gang raped by the US Government and subject to 150 years of theft, rape and murder. [War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Dr. Walter Cisco; Divided We Stand, Prof. Prescott Webb] The crimes committed by the Union Army exponentially exceed anything even remotely close to the accusations against the South. Shouldn’t that be Mr. McDurmon’s focus? Nope. Mr. McDurmon will virtue signal and tell us that oh, the US Government was wrong too! Oh I see, so there is no right side here is there? This is what is called the No True Scotsman Fallacy. Could it be that his true thesis is that of his patrons, to prevent a push-back from Industrial Libertarian Capitalism, into a more traditional Agrarian way of life? Is that what you are doing Mr. McDurmon, do you have some rich Randians telling you they are concerned about the hatred white nationalist men have for industrial capitalism and how they want to go back to a more traditional country lifestyle, and this move against Dabney is actually a move against a pre-capitalist economy? Do you really care about black people Mr. McDurmon or do you want to be seen caring about black people so you can use that leverage point to quarterback your failed Libertarian platform?

Now, seeing that this entire endeavor is a way to virtue signal his way into a ministry and an accompanying wealthy and comfortable life in a completely treacherous and Marxist society, McDurmon is going to wear the crown of virtue to signal to his apostate and “colored” constituency that he is a spotless lamb, a martyr for the sake of Marxist virtue and we are the hateful, racist platform he is courageously standing against. And I bet he is just waiting for me to use even the slightest bit of anger or vitriol in this response so he can tell his constituency how persecuted he is by us and how these are the kinds of enemies he has to make to stand for the truth! Lol……………

Oh, but the things Mr. McDurmon tells us about Dabney and about our people belie a much grimmer disposition towards us. The things Mr. McDurmon accuses Dabney and our people of can only come from a place of abject hatred and disdain. We are literally monsters if what Mr. McDurmon is saying is true and the blacks, whose lifestyle, racism and anti-white hatred, eclipses the most degenerate societies to ever exist [From my book on the South pg. 189: “Illegitimacy is now 72.3% in the Black community.231 With the crack epidemic in the 1980s the thug life culture discovered a cash crop able to sustain a perpetual state of infidelity. Enter the era of Gangster Rap. Since Gangster Rap hit the streets in the late 80s and early 90s an element within the Black community has strove to create a huge race war between White and Black in America. From Dr. Dre’s “The Day The Niggaz Took Over” to Ice-T’s “Home Invasion” to Khalid Abdul Muhammad and the support he received from numerous rap artists such as Public Enemy (“Night of the Living Baseheads”), Ice Cube (“Death”, “The Birth”, “Cave Bitch”), MC Ren (“Muhammad Speaks”) and Tupac Shakur (“White Man’s World”), a plot has been in preparation to foment a huge race war here in North America. According to the USDOJ’s Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008, Blacks, while making up only 12% of the population, account for 65.6% of drug-related homicides.232 And so far from being persecuted by the White Man, the same report states, “93% of Black victims were killed by Blacks.”233 The CDC released the Homicide Rates Among Persons Aged 10–24 Years — United States, 1981–2010 in July of 2013. Figure 3 shows young Blacks commit homicides almost 15 times the rate of Whites!”], that is now mainstream, are the spotless martyrs of American history. Mr. McDurmon tells us that Dabney lied about the fact that families were broken up in mass in Virginia and not only did he not object to it, he literally did everything he could to protect the men who were destroying hundreds of thousands of morally sound, stable and loving families (43:00). He protected the men who systematically raped and tortured black women and did everything he could to make sure rapists were punished as lightly as possible. You come to the end of Mr. McDurmon’s speech and you wonder if you are listening to a Presbyterian minister or a fully-fledged Marxist Revolutionary. This is the kind of incendiary war propaganda we are so familiar with and then he turns around and tells us how he loves the South and he loves his Southern Heritage. I literally almost started vomiting at that point.

As I suspected Mr. McDurmon completely avoided my citation of Dabney’s article Anti Biblical Theory of Rights and proceeded to operate on the moral platform of the French Revolution and later Marxist views of Race and Property while telling us, he is standing on God’s law?! He completely avoided the immorality and savagery of the Africans when they first arrived on our shores and completely avoids giving us an example of a government that has successfully ruled blacks in a moral and stable civilization without ruling them with an iron rod. He avoided Gen. 9 and the ubiquitous consensus on this curse being the enslavement of the Black peoples ( See Matthew Poole’s Synopsis Criticorum aliorumque Sacrae Scripturae Interpretum (1669-1676) take on the infamous Gen. 9 passage where he showed hundreds of years before the Confederacy that the consensus view of the passage is exactly what the South said.). He avoided Lev. 25:44-46 which clearly condones the purchasing and owning of foreign pagan savage peoples as hereditary slaves. And the most disgusting thing of all he admitted that the American slave traders were Yankees not Southerners. His appeal to some 1659 law that he did not even give a citation for is utterly disgusting in light of the fact that there were no Southern vessels involved in the trade.

McDurmon makes much of the statement by Dabney on page 96 of his Defence of Virginia:

“These laws, first, legislate for the slave, as to his own conduct, as a responsible human being, govern him by precepts sanctioned by rewards and punishments, and require of him intelligent obedience to the same moral rules which are enforced on his master.”

He then moves to show a contradiction in this by the fact that a master could kill a runaway slave. So it’s wrong for the slave to murder but not the master? This is the same anarchist argument that is used today that violence is forbidden the citizen and monopolized to the state. It is also the same argument liberals use against Capital Punishment. And I will give the same answer. Yes, it is immoral to murder with the exception of the execution of the office of magistrate.

At 18:27 he asks us in light of his alleged 1659 law that he gives no citation for, how this law could exist and anything Dabney said be true! Yes, the fact that the South did not send vessels to Africa in order to bring them here as slaves Mr. McDurmon!

All he did was virtue signal on the assumption of the moral platform of the French Revolution and later Marxism.

At 14:30 he appeals to the Neoplatonic doctrine of the Soul which I have utterly refuted in my book, Index and Miscellaneous Articles of Protestant Messianic Eschatology, and shown it to be a ground for Communism.

McDurmon tells us our Courts were racially biased. Of course they were and blacks are the same way.…

This is one of the biggest problems of a diverse society.

At 27:30 McDurmon virtue signals and tells us how mad this makes him, yet he says nothing of the crimes committed against the Southern people by the Union army, the theft, and pillage it committed and is still committing to this day. He says nothing of the mass of black on white crime and the untold degeneracy of the American black culture today and its influence on our people. [The worst racial hate crime ever committed in America was committed by a group of Blacks against Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. If you have never heard of this couple I strongly suggest you look into it. It is very clear that our media views Black life as more valuable than White. Websites such as The Council of Conservative Citizens, Colin Flaherty’s site, Black Racism and Race Hatred of Non Blacks Blog and others document the daily hate crimes committed by Blacks against Whites in this country that are never given attention to on mainstream news.]

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So he can take his virtue signal and …………..oh you thought I was going to give it to you didn’t you Mr. McDurmon? Do you really care about black people sir or are you trying to be seen so?

27:56 McDurmon tells us that the laws in Virginia say that if a white man raped a black woman he could go to jail for a short time and pay a fine. He’s lying. On Page 725 of the Code of Virginia 1849 we read that if a white person raped any female “he shall be confined in the penitentiary not less than ten nor more than twenty years.” There is no distinction made between a white female or black female victim.

He then says this is another example of not being judged by the same moral rules. That is ridiculous. The same moral rule was over both. It is wrong to rape. But the penalty for that rape is different.

Next, McDurmon tells us that rationality is the same thing as morality. That is completely baseless.

Next at 37:40 McDurmon paints a grim picture of the dissolution of families in Southern slavery and claims that Dabney knew of it and lied and covered it up. At 38:35 he says “yet he’s excusing it” but then at 39:15-22 he admits Dabney condemned it. So which is it Mr. McDurmon? Was he excusing it or condemning it?

Mr. McDurmon claims that the rape of black women has no substantial proof because of the prejudice in the court system. This is an argument from silence fallacy and as I already mentioned, black juries are just as if not more prejudice.…

At 54:20 McDurmon accuses us of racism. First the word racism is a communist word based specifically on Communist ideas of Property as I have pointed out for years.
Frederick Engels 1847, The Principles of Communism,

“— 22 —
What will be the attitude of communism to existing nationalities?
The nationalities of the peoples associating themselves in accordance with the principle of community will be compelled to mingle with each other as a result of this association and thereby to dissolve themselves, just as the various estate and class distinctions must disappear through the abolition of their basis, private property.[3]”…

At 55:15 McDurmon accuses us of erecting Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow was not Southern Legislation. It was passed by the Supreme Court with a vote of 7 to 1. All the affirmative voters were Yankees. The only dissenting voice was a Southerner, named John Marshall Harlan!

At 1 hour and 4 minutes McDurmon accuses Dabney of using manipulative and deceptive tactics to prepare for reconstruction. This is completely disgusting. Of course he did! He was fighting against a Military dictatorship that had come to power over him through the invasion, rape, pillage and murder of his people. War requires deception and psychological operations.

So I have completely refuted every single thing Mr. McDurmon said.


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