Dr. Joel McDurmon Runs Scared From the Southern Israelite

It appears again we have another professional educator running scared like a little bitch from the Southern Israelite. Mr. McDurmon replied to my comment on his website with a link to a lecture against R.L. Dabney. link I replied to that lecture and refuted him in detail here: link.  Now I did everything I could to restrain myself from using abusive speech in that article but seeing now he has deleted my line by line response to that lecture which took me all day and banned me from his website like a scared little girl, it’s verbal abuse time.


You know, seeing I don’t live too far from Atlanta we might have to take a visit to that city and see if we can’t sniff out Mr. McDurmon and humiliate him in front of all his friends. Until then Mr. McDurmon and Co. see you soon, bye bye.


One thought on “Dr. Joel McDurmon Runs Scared From the Southern Israelite”

  1. Good job Drake. I met McDurmon. Wasn’t impressed. He squirmed at my insistence he and DeMar, whom I met twice, refuse to deal with social egalitarianism (found in the false doctrine of the trinity). DeMar got very nervous, in front of the women. I did that on purpose to expose them in Atlanta. Glad to see Yahweh shaking out the Sproul trash too. Sproul is near us in JC.


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