Reply to Heliocentrist Try CommonSense

No. At 34:13 you are to see the heat spot on the atmosphere.

“unless you observe for a long period of time and make comparisons”

>>>Citation needed.

“At 34:56 the buildings clearly look like they are below the surface of the water….curvature. ”

>>>You deliberately avoided the argument that was stated clearly on the screen. If there was curvature the buildings would be slanted over. Moreover, seeing I have abundantly proven that the oceans are flat and not spherical from light reflection, your point is moot.

“You cannot see a curvature sideways when you are this close to the surface because this would mean if you turn 180 degrees the horizon will be lower than at degree zero. You absolutely cannot perceive a curve on a planet this large on the surface. ”

>>>That is an absolutely disgusting technique. What you are really saying without actually typing out the words is that the Earth really is not a sphere. It is something else. A sphere by definition demands that every point next to each point progressively declines. By definition.

“Also there is no sideways on the globe, you need to understand gravity.”

>>>I do. You need to understand gravity. Gravity is an ancient pagan deity.

It is the world soul or universal spirit of an ancient Pantheistic religion.

“things like the sun setting”

>>>Already addressed.

“and anticrepuscular rays”

>>>Proof by assertion fallacy

“the rotation of the north and south poles”

>>>Again proof by assertion fallacy. I have proved that the different climates of north and south supposed poles proves the globe wrong.

“and ships disappearing beyond 60 miles will prove the globe”

>>>Again, I already refuted this seeing the oceans are flat. I already gave my proof for the flat earth.

I would also add the shrinking sun which cannot be explained by a solar filter for lack of experimental verification.

“Religion is what was indoctrinated since birth not education because you can still choose to be educated or not. ”

>>>ROFL. I was raised by atheists and they sent me to the public school.


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