Flat Earth Intro For Forum Use

1. You have no annual parallax.

2. I on the other hand have perfectly flat horizon with no progressive declination at 121, 000 feet of altitude:

Notice how the footage actually looks real.

3. I have 100% exposure of the Chicago Skyline from 60 miles away.


4. I have sun light reflection patterns on the ocean denoting a flat
plane interface.

5. I have the Solar Analemma proving the Southern hemisphere to be much larger than the Northern.


6. I have shrinking sun from noon to sunset which cannot be explained by a lack of solar filter for lack of experimental verification.



7. I have a heat spot on Earth’s atmosphere under the Sun proving the Sun’s emanation does not hit the earth homogeneously and in parallel lines as was argued by the famous Eratosthenes. Instead it is a satellite of the Earth relatively close circuiting the Earth’s plane.

You have nothing.

Why does your ISS footage cut out every 30 minutes?


Why does the camera footage in Antarctica cut out and not show us a 360 degree shadow around the flags?


Could it be because the sun is moving from one side of the horizon to the other, like the Bible says?

At the very least your paradigm of the world has been completely shot to hell now.


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