Neo-Nazi Platform Renegade Tribune’s article “Christian Nationalists” Refuted

Renegade Tribune’s (RT) Christian Nationalists Critiqued

  1. RT maintains that the Ten Commandments were only for Jews which is absurd. Many of the Ten Commandments were acknowledged centuries before there was a Jew. The Sabbath was established in the first week of creation. Gen. 2:3. The first recorded prohibition to commit murder is Exo. 20. The first recorded prohibition to commit idolatry is Exo. 20. The first recorded prohibition to commit adultery is Exo. 20. The first recorded prohibition to commit homosexuality is Lev. 18. Yet Abel’s murder (Gen. 4) was condemned as if men knew it was wrong to murder. Jacob abhorred idolatry in Gen. 35:1-4. Joseph refused to commit adultery as if he knew it was sin (Gen. 39:9). Also, Sodom and Gomorrah were judged for homosexuality. (Gen. 19)
  2. RT maintains that the second commandment forbids all art which it clearly doesn’t. All one has to do is to read the accounts of the Tabernacle and the Temple which were full of artwork. The 2nd commandment forbids three dimensional graven statues not all artwork.
  3. RT maintains that the concept of heaven precludes commitment to this earth. That is a complete ignorance of the Resurrection of the dead taught in the Bible. The Bible nowhere teaches a concept of a floaty place Heaven. I dealt with this in my book. Index and Miscellaneous Articles of Protestant Messianic Eschatology.
  4. RT maintains that the Jews destroyed all types of Monarchies with no evidence.
  5. RT maintains that the Bible forbids Gentiles their own nations. On the contrary the entire account of the Tower Babel shows the exact opposite.  The creator is said to judge the peoples for not establishing their own separate nations. Moreover the entire ministry of Paul explains how Gentiles can be in covenant with Yahovah without abandoning their nation. By having faith in Yeshua and becoming spiritual not ethnic children of Abraham. Gal. 3. The fact that the author does not understand this completely destroys his credibility when he says we cannot distinguish the Bible from Talmudism.  Yes we can. It is called the New testament!
  6. RT maintains that Jews do not regard Gentiles as humans. That is complete horseshit. One need only reference the Noahide laws to see this. Yes, the Jews do see themselves as superior. That does not mean they view all Gentiles as non-humans.
  7. RT maintains there cannot be a final judgment because of Jesus’ atonement. This is ignorance of the accurate Calvinist doctrine of Limited Atonement.
  8. RT maintains that their cannot be a final judgment because “God said that he won’t ever destroy all people ever again – so there goes your Apocalypse.” This is a misquote of the Bible. The verse does not say that Elohim will never judge the world again. The verse says he will never judge the word again with a worldwide flood. Gen 9:11 “I establish My covenant with you; and all flesh shall never again be cut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there again be a flood to destroy the earth.”
  9. RT maintains that Christians are hypocrites for celebrating pagan festivals, which we agree. Protestants do not celebrate these festivals.
  10. RT confuses murder with war, and yes the scope of love in the Bible is to one’s own nation. Lev. 19:17 which is a key verse I use to show that the Bible teaches nationalism not universalism. So which is it RT? Is the Bible a nationalist or universalist book? You can’t say both.
  11. RT maintains that the Bible allows Jews in Gentile nations to take usury. That is another lie. Deut. 23:19-20 referred to Jews in their own land taking usury from foreigners. It was not talking to Jews who live in foreign nations. Even if you take the passage the way RT wants it to be taken Christians could take usury from Jews, which makes his point completely moot.
  12. RT maintains that in order to believe in yeshua you have to sell everything you have. That was clearly referring to his own ministry in his own day. RT just finished saying Jesus did not come to do away with the Torah which clearly protected personal property and then makes an argument totally contradictory to what he just said! Facepalm!
  13. RT writes an article specifically to start fights among Pagan and Christian white people and then turns around and condemns the New Testament for starting fights among white people. Yet we know from History that the Protestant Reformation created mighty empires such as the British and American Empires. RT fights against reality.
  14. RT berates the turning the cheek passage which I have addressed for many years. A slap on the cheek is not a fatal blow. It is an insult. Be patient with insults and hatred. Neo-Nazi people are mentally unstable and fly off the handle easily which is why they are an oppressed group of people and are seen as Domestic Terrorists because they really are completely unstable bloodthirsty people. Of course he leaves out that Jesus explicitly commanded his apostles to buy swords to defend themselves. Luke 23:36.
  15. RT brings up the loving your enemy thing which I have clearly shown to be Nationalistic, meaning a fellow tribesman who has the same religious and ethnic obligations you do should be dealt with patiently. Lev. 19:17-19, Exo. 23:4. Jesus did not come to do away with the law as you admitted!
  16. RT brings up the golden rule, which again ignores the fact that Yeshua did not come to do away with the law. Yeshua is saying give other people Torah justice as you would want Torah justice. To make this statement refer to one’s arbitrary emotions would destroy all institutions of justice completely which would contradict the Torah which he admits Yeshua did not do away with.
  17. RT beings up the Astro-Theology crap which I have destroyed.

In conclusion Calvinism is an organic movement that arose among our people in resistance to Roman Internationalism. It is your heritage as a British and Northern European person.


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