Marxist Professor at Drexel Calls For White Genocide

Well it looks like the things this platform has been warning about for many years at great personal cost are now mainstream.

We have won. The real face of our enemy is being overwhelmingly exposed in the modern age. It appears the servants of the Jesuits have overplayed their hand.



One thought on “Marxist Professor at Drexel Calls For White Genocide”

  1. Not entirely. A lot of this is clearly engineered by them. Read their own document, which at this point I don’t see how it can be dismissed as a fraud, Albert Pike’s Three World Wars. Everything I’ve been seeing as of late is happening precisely as that document says. And this has been happening consistently from the start till now. Read what it says in the Third World War about what they plan on doing with the Atheists and the Minorities. Look what is happening with Israel right now. The two sides are being made right now in the name of a “conspiracy” that both sides are corrupt and the NWO depending which side you take. The problem is there is no right side within these two mainstream, falsely assumed as grassroots, movements. They are both engineered by the Jesuits, the same old Right vs. Left Hegelian Dialectic. And what is very sad is that so many are totally missing it and forgetting it and buying into this false engineered revolution of Rome. Look on the Right with Alex Jones now mimicking Evangelical Dispensationalist rhetoric concerning support of Israel and constantly focusing on the Muslims rather than who control them. And when he does focus on them, its the mystical Elite and the Clintons and George Soros types. Small potatoes and Red Herrings. And he may diss the Pope but leaves out the Jesuits. And I bet soon the Pope will switch to Trump’s side. We already have an “Evangelical Catholic” as VP. Everything seems so very obvious what is really afoot here.


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