The Constitution is Wrong Trump is Right

As I have already documented for many years, canonized in my book Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong, the Constitution of the United States is a treasonous document against our ancestors’ Solemn League and Covenant, an atheistic Jesuit document inspired by Satanist Jesuit Coadjutors, Jefferson, Paine and Franklin, who gave the no religious test clause, as a gateway for Jesuit-Catholic Political Power in America.  As has been proclaimed as such by Presbyterian ministers for centuries this document is a complete attack on the Protestant Reformation. And as I predicted many years ago when I was a student of Rev. David Silversides who first stated it, it would be the Islamic issue which would break our people finally of this wicked document. And now it comes to it. Our Elohim, Emperor Trump, who is doing more for our people than any politician since Alexander Stevens,  is contradicting the Constitution in order to defend our people from the Islamic people and religion so adamantly opposed to us and always ready to yield the sword of blood against us. Yes, Trump is violating the Constitution and thank the Creator he is doing so.


The Jesuit Papacy and the Knights of Malta Controversy