Neo-Nazi Kyle Hunt Showing His Seething Hatred for Our People

At 1:47 Kyle tries to tell us that Charlemagne was a servant of ZOG by forcing the Bible onto the Pagans. The problem is, the Gospel of Yeshua was accepted among our people  centuries before Charlemagne. Specifically for my purposes, Ajax, the Arian Missionary converted Germanic peoples to the Gospel in the 460s A.D.

At 2:15 he argues that the Bible tells us to hate our family. Luke 14:26, et. al. was specifically confined to the time period of Yeshua’s earthly ministry when his followers, mostly Jews which destroys Hunt’s entire argument, faced severe persecution which would end, at least in a substantial degree, with Constantine. This is an issue Mr. Hunt doesn’t understand and he and his ilk erroneously uses frequently to make similar arguments such as the supposedly celibacy that Paul supposedly instructs for us which he in no way does as I have touched on in detail elsewhere.

At 3:15 he maintains the Bible and Yeshua have been a plague upon our people but what period of time have our people been the most mighty than when the Bible was published publicly among our people and with the flourishing of the Calvinist Protestant Reformation in the British Empire? Of course he and his ilk will never touch this!

At 4:08 Hunt points us to the Greco-Roman tradition as his ancient Pagan empire he is so proud of, not the Northern European and British Polytheism and barbarism! Facepalm!

The Roman Catholic Church which he complains of later led us to the dark ages, is a development of Greco-Roman Philosophy with Neoplatonism which I have documented for years. Unbelievable! Greece became a mighty Empire after the FALL of Polytheism with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. This man has things completely ass backwards.

At 4:50 the Catholic opponent of Hunt makes an excellent point as I have documented for a while as well, which is that Nazism was a Jewish operation. That is correct. See my articles:

Labor Zionist-Nazi Collaboration in The Kastner Train

Adolf Hitler, The Creator of Modern Zionism: The Haavara Agreement and the War of Jewish Zionism Against the Religious Jews


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