White Women in Solidarity With Islam to Say Fuck You White Man

I cannot give you men clearer evidence of how much modern white women despise their own men and have set themselves in military hostility to us. These women will stand in solidarity with Muslims in order to attack us!

I am at the point in my life when I don’t think I could ever love a woman again. What else is left for us but to completely change from top to bottom the nature and structure of our society by any means necessary? When are you men going to wake up and start doing something about this? I’ve done my duty and live with the repercussions of it on a daily basis. 3 Careers. 16 Years of Celibacy and Poverty to write my books and speak openly about what has happened here. I’m prepared for the debates to come. So ask yourself a question: when I’m humiliating everyone in the years to come and I get a massive following of young white men, why should I share any substantial power with anyone else if no one helped me along the way?


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