Martial Law Trump Proves the Southern Israelite A Prophet!

For those of you who saw my video a year ago about what was about to happen in this country, who saw and heard me point out among dozens of candidates the exact person who would be elected, what the response would be and what the final solution would be in the Hegelian dialectic, I must say, if you aren’t already on board with my platform, you seriously must be losing your mind right now aren’t you? Well, here he is and he’s telling you right to your face what he plans to do.

I have been planning for this for years. I made the decision last July to move to an obscure area to escape what was about to happen here and yet again, the Southern Israelite hits the nail directly on the head. Well, my life and my county has been completely destroyed by you modern Liberals, Libertarians, Christians and Anti-White Anarcho-Communists in the Hebrew Roots Movement. I sacrificed 3 careers, and  16 years of my life in my prime  to show you the truth and lead you away from this precipice and not only did you reject me, you persecuted me. You made your choice and now I must make mine seeing I know there is no neutrality.

So, “Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers” Mat. 23:32, and just know I’m not sacrificing another fingernail for you damn people and I will take deep satisfaction in what is about to happen to you. Yeah, that’s right, if you haven’t already organized with me, that’s a fuck you from the Southern Israelite and I hope Trump drives the chariot wheel over you damn people and hell, seeing I don’t believe in neutrality I am compelled to join him.

Just as Yeshua rode the wings of Roman abominations to take revenge on Jerusalem (Dan. 9:27),  “to bring those wretches to a wretched end” Mat. 21:41, so must the Southern Israelite.

Thus, then to Mein Fuhrer:


Hail Trump, Hail our people Hail Victory!







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