Comment and Debate Challenge to Liberal Jew

America was, before it was infiltrated by Catholics, atheists and liberals like you and the Neo Nazis, was a white country for British and Northern European Protestant peoples. See the Naturalization Act of 1790 which said citizens were to be only “free white persons of good character.” Also the Johnson Reed Act of 1924 which reaffirmed this. The United States of America is a terrorist military dictatorship which completely agrees with Neo Nazism. Darwinism which is in essence what Neo Nazism is has been championed by the US Government for over 150 years. You liberals and you Neo Nazis have more in common than you could possibly imagine. Hitler created Zionism! See the The Haavara Agreement. The true cause of white nationalism is the South and the Protestant Reformation championing the Peace of Westphalia which is where White Nationalism was created. I dare you or any of your Neo Nazi brethren to debate me. I have challenged scores of these Neo Nazis, your brethren, to debate me and they are all chicken shit cowards. So let’s see if you will. Google hangout debate. My mind versus yours. You game?


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