Trump’s Justice Pick Jesuit Trained Neil Gorsuch

Ok, so after Trump’s Justice pick being another Jesuit I have to back off from the Mein Fuhrer thing. I was intellectually compelled to support this man due to his recent actions which have done more for our people than anyone else in recent history but this move equally compels me to see him as doing these things to lead our people into the hands of the Jesuits.



One thought on “Trump’s Justice Pick Jesuit Trained Neil Gorsuch”

  1. Yup, Trump is surrounding himself with the Jesuits and Labor Zionists and shill Alex Jones/Bill Hicks is his Alt-Right Propaganda mouth piece and also taking the peoples’ focus off of who is really in charge and making it the mystical “Elite,” “Globalists,” New World Order” (although he has no problem naming lesser small potatoes groups like the Skull and Bones, and fingering the puppets and pawns, like liberal activists and Muslims). I can’t see how I’m wrong at this point that he is bringing the Christian world and the Israeli world into a 3rd World War against the Islamic, Minority, and Probably Chinese worlds, all to finally wear everyone out into accepting Lucifer’s New Age solution that the Jesuits have come up with.


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