Paganism, not the Cause of Roman Might

Alexander at the temple of Jupiter Ammon

It is a popular notion among the Neo-Nazis and the Odinists that the Pre-Christian Pagan Empire of Rome was renowned for its science and technological invention and innovation. Truly, a hallmark of the virtues of Paganism. Is it true? No way. As I have demonstrated, Pagan Pantheism is a complete denial of man’s rights over nature. And all Polytheism is, is a personified Pantheism as I have demonstrated in detail.

What was the intellectual cause of Roman invention and innovation? Was it Paganism? No. As Ridpath will demonstrate it was merely a common sense approach of a non-religious nominally Pagan people, to the problems introduced by a growing civilization of such vast numbers. Ridpath states,

“Among a people constituted as the Romans it was difficult to maintain the ascendancy of  ideas. Beliefs that had no practical demonstration in the everyday life of the people suffered decline and became extinct in the Roman mind. Thus in course of time did nearly all of the religious and superstitious ideas which had prevailed in early Rome pass away with the development of the race. It is doubtful whether among any other people the maintenance of the ancient beliefs and practices was so factitious and mechanical as among the Romans in the ages of their power and grandeur.

We have seen in the preceding pages, devoted to the architectural development of the Roman race, that the temples continued, as they had been in early ages, the highest expression of the building skill of the Roman architects. The relative rank and importance of such structures was maintained to the close of the republican regime[27 B.C. – DS], but not longer.

Already before that epoch the hold of all religious ideas upon the minds and dispositions of the people had begun to relax ; and after the institution of the empire the process was accelerated until the old religious bonds were entirely loosed. The Pantheon [118 A.D.], coincident in time with the beginning of the imperial era, was the last attempt of the Roman race to maintain the grandeur and reality of the ancient paganism.

[pg. 361]

Rome did not consciously devise those great institutions which gave her unity and strength. Her skill lay in a succession of fortunate adaptations of means to ends through a series of emergencies ; and the result of the tedious, experimental process was the Roman republic, such as it was in the last century before our era. The republic grew as the Roman people grew. While it was not consciously devised — constructed as the architect constructs the building — it was the product of a long succession of common-sense measures devised by a people whose practical abilities and political constructive skill were very great, and whose imaginative powers were like a certain class of birds which having wings are incapable of flight.”

[pg. 374]

Universal History, Part I, Section III, Vol. II, Book VIII.

I have then left these men nowhere to run. I have already proven that the Germanic and Northern European tribes give them no glorious heritage and the Roman and Greek Empires were anything but White Nationalist:

If they attempt to salvage these Empires and claim that well at east their Paganism gave them high technology and production I have now shut them down here as well. And if they even attempt to go to Greece with me I’ll point out the centuries long abandonment of the Greek Pantheon for Platonism with the Pre-Socractics, Socrates and Plato himself, Alexander the Great being trained by Aristotle who was Plato’s disciple and an ipso facto materialist.

So I have left them nowhere to run. No shade to hide from the glowing sun of truth.

As I have already demonstrated brethren, White Nationalism is ours with the Protestant Treaty of  Westphalia. Modern Science is ours with the freedom of the Press established in the Protestant Reformation and the creation of Modern Chemistry with Robert Boyle’s defense of universal matter as a specific application of Gen. 1:

But moreover, the absolute failure of Secular Law and Ethics with now the Western Nations literally accepting a full scale invasion and genocide of their own nations, justified on the altar of Liberty, Equality and Social Justice not to mention the abortion Genocide, the Human Trafficking Market and the Prison Industrial Complex  completely justifies Biblical Law.

We have no competition brethren. The outside world has been exposed as the children they are and we the wise and the righteous and now vindicated are in position to take the helms of power in the decades to come. Let us be diligent and faithful in holding fast the truth. So be it.


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