Conversation with Robert About My Platform


5 thoughts on “Conversation with Robert About My Platform”

      1. I rejected the T shirt idea, not you. And as I recall, it is you who rejected me for doing so primarily based on the T-shirt objection/recommendation that offended you- (albeit the reason cleverly disguised as the Capital Offense of eating shellfish “abomination” soup as you told your recent guest, Benjamin and neglected to mention the dominant reason of the T-shirt). For the record, I do not eat shellfish or pork since you pointed that out – so much so that I have even had both Muslims and “Christians” and Jews in my circle of infuence actually ask me if I am a Muslim or Jew because of my refusal to eat those things, very noticeable to them. I told them: “Not by a long shot. I am a Southern Protestant Presbyterian Calvinist bible believing Nazarene”. They were dumbstruck. It works. Yahweh is right. You never bothered to check since it is you, not me, who went his own way. I have in fact stayed in constant contact (as you know) through routine public comments on your excellent research and presentations. Headed to Virgin Islands next week for R&R. It was good last year financially. I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have bigger plans this year and beyond -personally, professionally, and ministerially. Those include (white) wife and children.



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