Who Controls the Federal Reserve Bank in 2017?

After the last video Who Controls the Government in 2017 the modern Neo-Nazi will become butt hurt, double down, and go for his trump card, The Federal Reserve Bank. So who controls the Fed in 2017?

Immediately, the Neo-Nazi will shout with glee, oh it’s the Jews. Look, look, Janet Yellen, she’s a Jew! Look, Stanley Fischer, he’s a Jew and he’s even a dual citizen with Israel. Look, see they have the supreme positions as Chair and Vice chair of the Fed! We win!!!! Ahahaahaha! Virtue!

Hold it right chea!

So if that is true, why don’t they get paid the most? For a while, we of the Protestant tradition have maintained that Janet Yellen and other Jews have been placed in the front of the Fed to make it look like the Jews are to blame for all our problems which has been the traditional technique of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits for a long time. (See the Dreyfus affair) And for a while Neo-Nazis and their servants have scoffed and dismissed this interpretation as being unsubstantiated…. until now. And now, daddy is taking you to the woodshed.

Here we have the Reuters article At least 113 staffers at U.S. Fed earn more than Yellen.


“As of July 31, the Fed’s inspector general led the list with an annual salary of $312,000”


Who is the Fed’s Inspector General? This is Gentile Elizabeth Coleman, as we can see from the Fed’s own biography her, she was trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University!


“followed by the central bank’s four division directors, its general counsel and its chief operating officer, who each earn a base of $265,000.”


Thus, Governor of the Fed Jerome H. Powell trained by Jesuits at Georgetown Prep. and Georgetown Univ. Daniel Tarullo governor of Fed, also trained by Jesuits at Georgetown Univ. and teaches there; Now to the general counsel, Scott G. Alvarez, we see was also Jesuit trained at Georgetown Univ.


Moreover, Janet Yellen’s husband is George Akerlof University Professor at the McCourt School of Public Policy at, you guessed it, Jesuit Georgetown University. Thus, our interpretation is now fully established.

Moreover, to further supplant  the Jewish Influence in the Chair we need to look at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and see who runs it since the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the most powerful. We read from the New York Fed’s webpage on the Gold Vault:

“Much of the gold in the vault arrived during and after World War II as many countries wanted to store their gold reserves in a safe location. Holdings in the gold vault continued to increase and peaked in 1973, shortly after the United States suspended convertibility of dollars into gold for foreign governments. At its peak, the vault contained over 12,000 tons of monetary gold. Since that time, gold deposit and withdrawal activity has slowed and the vault has experienced a gradual but steady decline in overall holdings. However, the vault today remains the world’s largest known depository of monetary gold.”


And again from its webpage, The New York Fed: Who We Are and What We Do:

“The New York Fed serves the Second Federal Reserve District, which encompasses New York State; the 12 northern counties of New Jersey; Fairfield County, Connecticut., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Though it serves a geographically small area compared with those of most other Federal Reserve Banks, the New York Fed is the largest Reserve Bank in terms of assets and volume of activity.”


So who runs the Fed in New York?

The not Jewish, Anglo Saxon William C. Dudley runs the Fed in New York.


And before him another Germanic Saxon Timothy Geithner.

And before him an Irishman named William J. McDonough, Jesuit trained at Holy Cross and Georgetown University.

And before him an Irishman E. Gerald Corrigan Jesuit trained at both Fairfield and Fordham.

So now that daddy has thoroughly disciplined you boys it’s time to bow the knee to the Southern Israelite and swear your allegiance. I’ve earned it and I have the blood right. My 12th Great Grandfather was James Shelton, Magistrate of the Jamestown Settlement, 1620. I’ve written the books, I’m the one who laid my entire life down, every relationship and career to make this happen and I have the blood. So shut your mouth and bow your God Damn knee. And after that, hit the patreon link. Bye bye.


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