“Conservative” White Women: Libertine Anarchist Traitors By Another Name in Tomi Lahren’s Recent View Interview

[Start at 7:38]

Here we see Pro-Abortion, because Pro-Choice is just semantics for neutrality and as my readers all know there is no neutrality, Tomi Lahren being consistent with her Satanic Libertine Political theory telling us that the government has no right to punish a woman for murdering her child because of her views of limited government. As we saw with the rise of the Feminist movement in America, Conservative White Christian women are nothing but Jesuit coadjutors for the purpose of Counter Reformation. They claim the august name of the Messiah so that they may serve as a proper Trojan Horse. These women are not to be trusted until they give us a formal renunciation of Women’s Lib, and Libertarianism in general. If she’s single and not seeking a man to serve, if she’s wearing pants and no head covering, if she’s in college, if she has a career, she is the enemy no matter how much lip service she gives you. These women are at war with us men and so these women are not to lecture us in any degree about extremism. They know what they’re doing.


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