King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxon Tradition Founded on Jewish Law


“Laftly, it was a regular frame in every part, fquared ; and made even by Laws,   which in the people ruled as Lex loquens, and in the Magiftrate as Lex intelligens ; all of them being grounded on the wifdom of the Greeks, and Judicials of Mofes. Thus the Saxons became fomewhat like the Jews, diftinct from all other people – their Laws honourable for the King, eafy for the Subject, and their Government,  above all other, likeft unto that of Chrift’s Kingdom, whofe Toke is eafy, and Burthen light. But their motion proved fo irregular, as God was pleafed to reduce them by another way.” (pg. 70)

An Historical and Political Discourse of the Laws and Government of England by John Selden


Ancient laws and Institutes of England edited by Benjamin Thorpe, pg. 45


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