The Ancient Anglo Saxon Policy Towards the Jews and their Usury


Magna Carta,

“10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan can be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

11. And if any one die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews.”

An Historical and Political Discourse of the Laws and Government of England by John Selden,

“The whole doctrine of ufury fell under the Title of Jews; for it feemeth it was their Trade, and their proper Trade hitherto. It was, firft that I met met with, forbidden at a Legatine Council near 300 years before the Normans times : but by the Confeffors Law it was made penal to Chriftians to the forfeiture of Eftate, and Banifhment : and therefore the Jews and all their fubftance were holden to be in nature of the King’s Villains, as touching their Eftate for they could get nothing, but was at his mercy. And Kings did fuffer them to continue this Trade for their own benefit; yet they did regulate it as touching Infants, as by this Law of King John, and the Statute at Merton, doth appear. But Henry the Third did not put it into his Charter, as I think, becaufe it was no liberty of the Subjects, but rather a prejudice thereto ; and therefore Edward the Firft wholly took it away by Statute made in his time, and thereby abolifhed the Jews.”

(pg. 170-171)

Thus, Edward I proclaimed:

“Forasmuch as the King hath seen that divers evils and the disinheriting of good men of his land have happened by the usuries which the Jews have made in time past, and that divers sins have followed thereupon albeit that he and his ancestors have received much benefit from the Jewish people in all times past, neverthless, for the honour of God and the common benefit of the people the King hath ordained and established, that from henceforth no Jew shall lend anything at usury either upon land, or upon rent or upon other thing.

And that no usuries shall run in time coming from the feast of St. Edward last past. Notwithstanding the covenants before made shall be observed, saving that the usuries shall cease. But all those who owe debts to Jews upon pledge of moveables shall acquit them between this and Easter; if not they shall be forfeited. And if any Jew shall lend at usury contrary to this Ordinance, the King will not lend his aid, neither by himself or his officers for the recovering of his loan; but will punish him at his discretion for the offence and will do justice to the Christian that he may obtain his pledges again.”

This would later lead to The Edict of Expulsion in 1290 where the Jews were completely routed from England. It was Oliver Cromwell, a man hated by the Patriot Covenanters, who brought Jews back to England.

I find it disgusting that Jewish apologists will complain that usury was the only way for Jews to make a living and that they were forced into this occupation. However, we must also not forget that this usury was allowed, as it is allowed today, for the financial benefit of the treasonous Kings of the past who cared not for their own people but themselves, as it is done today.

Finally, I am honestly driven to sympathy to the Neo-Nazi position on Eric Phelps after continuing to document his allegiance to something so hostile to our people and the heroes he proclaims, such as Cromwell, who betrayed our tradition.


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