Refuting Millennial Woes on the Jews’ Nepotism

Woes, the biggest problem in your theory is that the Jews have always been tribal and nepotismistic. They didn’t just become tribal and nepotismistic in the 18th century. The betrayal was on our side of that gentile/Jew relation. The Jews didn’t change in the 18th century. We did. Someone opened the door for them and they are the true capstone to our problem. They are the ones who perfected the theology of man’s liberation, known as Semi_Pelagianism, the Libertarian Theology of the monks. They are the Jesuit order, who were suppressed in 1773 and conquered traditional Western Catholicism/Augustinianism with the assassination of Clement XIV and their re-establishment in 1814. The Jesuit Order became the enemies of the west in the 18th Century and have been the most influential group of men in education since.


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