Item List for Neo-Nazis

Protestant White Nationalism is good but Neo-Nazism is a dead end.

The Anglo-Saxon people were founded on the Bible in their War with Viking Paganism!

The Jews were right. The Earth is Flat:

The Jews do not control the world:

The Jews do not Control the Government in 2017

The Jews Do Not control the Federal Reserve in 2017

Liberalism Came from the Christian Monasteries not the Bible:

The Bible did not borrow from Paganism. The Pagans borrowed from the Bible.

The Protestant Reformation and the Bible are responsible for White Nationalism, High Civilization, and Science:

The Bible is not Universalist. The Catholic Church is Universalist:

A Return to Paganism will destroy modern developments in technology seeing it is the Bible’s doctrine of man in the image of God that created modern developments in technology.

The Jesuits are fighting against Western Conservatism to get revenge on Rome:

Madison Grant Admitted that Calvinism is Nationalistic and Catholicism Universalist

David Lane Admitted that a Theology that Observed the Mosaic Law Was Nationalistic and Able to Maintain White Nationalism

All General Neo-Nazi and Odinist Arguments Against the Bible Refuted:


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