New Life Baptist Church Red Pilled on Flat Earth


One thought on “New Life Baptist Church Red Pilled on Flat Earth”

  1. You followed my advice and met with stunning success. Yoo handled them like the Apostle Paul. They respected you and you had them eating out of your hand, which is the mark of a professional. I knew Johnson City would be fertile ground. You’ve raised the stakes without being a threat. Success breeds confidence and when you are completelu aligned, you wll be umstoppable and (help) lead the ressucitated Protestant Reformation across the finish line. This makes you a champion. Practice makes perfect. I worked at White Sands Missle Range in NM, after the Navy. The missle capabilities are an exaggerated hoax. These guys don’t know that, but you kept them on track and held their Baptist feet to the fire. I do think Tennessee can save the nation and the Reformation, and therefore the world from the clutches of Jesuit Roman Catholicism and third world age Jesuit universal equality. If white patriarchy exists anywhere, it is in Tennessee, as usual. Good move. Keep practicing and sharpen your skills as an expert salesman of biblical cosmology. I do it with everyone I meet. It works. Be yourself and be a gentleman, but remain firm. Shine your shoes and make your bed daily with self imposed miltary discipline, which your communist father failed to teach you. Discipline in little things create habits that will make you a commanding successs in the big things coming your way. This is the wisdom and the key to U.S. Navy Seal training. Extreme focus and adaptability under enormous physical and emotional stress and pressure, without the benefit of sleep. The instructors focus on teaching tadpole Seals that life is not fair, especially combat. You can do everythong right, but still lose. The key to success is to keep going, no matter what the setback. You cannot do it alone, it takes a team. That’s why they call them SEAL TEAMS. Great job on these good Baptists Drake. You broke through to the enemy machine gun nest and captured the enemy. Hope it feels good for you. You deserve praise. Keep knocking on doors, like every good salesman. The next door puts you closer to a “yes”. Babe Ruth and Thomas Edison struck out more than they hit home runs., but yhey arr remembered only for the home run hits. You learn from rejection. It makes you more determined. Always an eternal optimist. You serve an all powerful Creator who loves you. You are an apple of his eye. Great work.


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